Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Islam must always have the final word

Perhaps you have read much about the absurdities of the United Nations "Human Rights" Council. But there is nothing like seeing it in action to really appreciate how we can no longer take seriously, and must work to disband, an organization that refuses to allow any comments that touch on, and might be critical of, "religion", i.e. in this context, Islam.

It is a central belief in today's Islamic world that anyone who does anything that might lead Muslims to call into question their unquestionable faith in their "religion", or the declarations of its powerful representatives, must be silenced. There can be no God - no "human right", no campaign against violence against women - ever higher than the God of Islam. It is simply unthinkable.

Have a look and you will better appreciate why our relations to the Islamic world necessarily involve questions of war or surrender. June 2008 video, edited by vlad tepes
(follow link for additional information and texts) via Gil Bailie.

UPDATE: video currently unavailable (follow comments here for updates and see also full transcript of the video.)

Littman UN video rev 4 from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.


Historyscoper said...
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truepeers said...

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Paul said...

I honestly don't know how the Canadian representative was able to so patiently handle this bullshit.

Personally, early on, I would have walked over to the Egyptian and Paki representatives and given both of them a severe shot in the head.

I was actually waiting to see something of a Korean parliamentary fisticuffs session break-out but geez, Europeans are so totally lame-ass.

Here's what we in Canada should do in sending a strong message to the rest of the world about what we think about Islamic values.

Namely, use our European-inspired Human Rights Commission to put the whole bloody Muslim religion on trial for promoting and perpetuating "hate & violence" as is profusely evident in the turgid satanic verses of the Koran.

If the HRC can trump our Constitution and supersede Freedom of Speech then logic would dictate it also trumps Freedom of Religion.

Really, the whole friggin religion should be put on trial for being such a wretched and evil crime against humanity.