Tuesday, January 23, 2007

France's socialists stand by their woman on Quebec separatism

Today socialist presidential candidate Segolene Royal is saying that she didn't really say what she actually said, yet her comrades are saying that its okay for her to have said what she now says she didn't say.

Translated from Le Figaro:

"Paris cannot, at this time, insert itself into canadian internal affaires", declared Socialist Party secretary general François Hollande [and the father of Sego Royal's four children, in their civil union partnership]. He added that "France maintains a relationship of friendship with Quebec". Earlier on Europe 1, the socialist presidential candidate had tried to calm the game by affirming: "I demonstrated neither interference, nor indifference".

Christine Taubira, deputy for the Radical Left Party ["Parti Radical de Gauche" (PRG)], took to the defense of the socialist candidate by indicating that she "did not see what problem there could be in stating sympathy for a movement".

Similar position for another of Ségolène Royal's allies, Jean-Pierre Chevènement, who suggested that she hadn't said anything different on Quebec that general de Gaulle, Jacques Chirac, Philippe Séguin, Alain Juppé and many others [hadn't already said].

That last defense makes me angry: since so many other french politicians have tried to damage our nation repeatedly in the past, we are not to be angered by yet another fresh attempt??
Hey, Jean-Pierre, go read this, on the French political elite's interference in our national unity struggle, and then tell me that Sego's behavior is no big deal. Maybe we can start telling the vandals in Clichy-sous-Bois that we would welcome their sovereignty, since apparently it's okay to have "sympathy for movements"..?

Meanwhile, even if you can't speak french, it's worth watching the actual clip of madame Royal making the initial statement that's causing all the uproar. She positively radiates her lack of forethought...


tiberge said...

@ charles

I'm posting a link to this. Boz at Frenchelection2007 also mentioned it. The video is great - it shows clearly that she didn't have a clue as to what they were talking about.

Charles Henry said...

Thanks Tiberge,
I agree about the video. Isn't it incredible? It's one thing to read her comments, but seeing how she said them.. it makes all the difference!