Friday, January 05, 2007

Knowing history

One of the important lessons I left with from last night’s blue revolution meeting, was the responsibility to know history.

The plain truth is: we are in debt to those who have come before us. Our current blessings have not sprung from the earth like a weed. They were planted, cultivated; toil, tears, blood and sweat nourished their soil.

Being human, mistakes and omissions were made along the way, yet being human, these were regretted, attended to, and the harvest was resumed.
We know live with the bounty of that harvest, and in our blind arrogance and deaf vanity we pretend that these treasures have always been a natural part of our existence, so natural indeed that we need do nothing for them to stand, unattended.

Yet the wind carries a whispering truth, that touches one soul here and one heart there, nudging us out of our reverie, and make us not just look, but see, what we have to lose, should we let ourselves take our debts too lightly.

We see, hopefully understand, and resolutely commit: we’re not going to be the ones that lose all that has been won for us.

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