Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The world according to ducks

There's something about watching ducks that I find endlessly amusing. They are nature's comedians. It's said that the subtle difference between a clown and a comedian, is that a clown does funny things, but a comedian does things funny. Meaning, a clown may get a laugh for, say, falling down stairs, while a comedian may get a laugh by how they walk up stairs.
Ducks, therefore, are nature's comedians.

Ducks do everything funny. They swim funny, they talk funny, they walk funny, particularly since the busybody duck seems to take himself so seriously all the time; their incessant quacking puts you in mind of someone who finds fault with their surroundings at every haughty step.
I propose that a careful observer can learn much from frequent study of the ever-present duck: we can learn that constant criticism can win us little sympathy, that lacking of a sense of humor almost invites people to mock you, and that while our problems may seem important to us, we should be wary of assuming they dwarf the challenges faced by others.
Ducks can teach us how to become better human beings... just sit back, watch, and let the smiling begin.

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