Saturday, January 27, 2007

Viscous Assault on Multi-Culturalism in Quebec. Hooray!

We'll probably find out that the villagers in this particular part of Quebec are violent racist Islamophobes. We'll probably find this out from the CBC. We'll hear it at TV news conferences held by concerned citizens against things they find they dislike on moral grounds and so on. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I like this lot so far. It's refreshing to read of some common sense coming out of the West at long last. The president and the Pope can't do this kind of thing, but folks in a small village in Quebec can.

Oh, by the way, you can too.

Saturday 27 January 2007

Quebec village bans stoning of women, veils, and excision

The Quebec village of Hérouxville, 1300 inhabitants, has formally banned this week the stoning of women, face veils, female genital mutilation, or throwing acid at unveiled women’s faces, reports Montreal daily La Presse.

André Drouin, a municipal counselor in Hérouxville, told La Presse, a document detailing the bans and the cultural norms of the local population was adopted in light of the stormy debate over the “reasonable accomodation” of religious and cultural minorities that has been raging in Quebec media over the last few months and has principally focussed on Montreal’s small ultra-orthodox Jewish community.

The nature of the Hérouxville bans suggests however that local politicians had Quebec Muslims in mind, though not a single Muslim or member of any religious or ethnic minority calls Hérouxville home. But referring to Quebec’s policy of encouraging immigrants to settle outside Montreal, Drouin says it was important to inform potential immigrants of the villages cultural norms: "We must ensure that people who come here want to live as we do", he told La Presse, "The Muslims who wanted to impose Sharia, had they known that we do not stone women here, maybe they would not have come".

Along with the bans, the Hérouxville document states that Christmas trees are a Quebec tradition, that swimming pools are mixed, and that pork meat and beef are displayed on the same shelves. Asked whether he fears being labeled a racist, Drouin answers: “We are not racists, we are explaining our culture".

The Hérouxville document of bans and “norms” was sent to the Ministries of Immigration of Canada and Quebec.

Islam is a fascist poligion, and socialists in Canada are Red Nazis. Long Live Hero City! I want to live in a place like that myself. I want to live in a city where people say things honestly and openly and without fear of terrorism coming from it. Islam is a fascist pseudo-religion. Socialists are arseholes. I'll say it till I'm as blue in the face as the color of my scarf.


truepeers said...

“We are not racists, we are explaining our culture".

-exactly, but still, them's fighting words to the White Guilters in the high bureaucratic and media offices of much of the West. It will be interesting to see if Quebecois can now be a target of White Guilt ideology instead of, as has been the case, a sanctified victim.

-I still question whether Islam is fascist. It is certainly a totalitarian form of religio-political ritualism for many Muslims around the world; but totalitarian and fascist are not synonymous, the latter being a particular historical case. How, for example, is the Islamic treatment of the dhimmis akin to treatment of minorities under fascism? Fascists tend to want to do away with minority problems, while traditional Islamic supremacists are happy to grind and tax the dhimmis to kingdom come. They've got time. It seems to me Islam becomes part of a fascist movement in a hurry to change the world only when it merges with the ideology of White Guilt and we get this utopian political ideology in which all the asymmetrical historical relationships and social differentiations of the West are unveiled as somehow oppressive and victimary (as if Auschwitz had always been and remains their potential end point if not defeated) even as, incredibly, we are promised their imminent overcoming in a future where the desire to invoke invidious distinctions will be quashed, as if the incredible standard of non-discrimination that the past is held up to will be realized in future by some supreme will of bureaucratic and market rationalization.

tiberge said...

@ dag

Now the French know about Hérouxville. The story is on the home page of France-Echos:

Anonymous said...

"Islamophobia" implies an irrational fear of Islam and is frequently used to smear persons who actually have a rational fear of Islam. In the interest of countering this propaganda, I have coined the term "islamoprudentia" (note the deliberate lower case first 'i') to describe what people with common sense feel about Islam, i.e., prudence in the face of danger. The Latin meaning of prudentia:
(1) foresight
(2) wisdom
(3) discretion
Taken from the Latin dictionary at
I hope this is useful and that you will disseminate usage of this term widely.

dag said...

Thanks, Anon. It's not quite as euphonous as "Left dhimmi fascism," one of my favourites, but it certainly works with a bit of practice.