Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Sound of Silence

One of the blessings from having so many forest trails in your city's backyard, is that you get a welcome, and regular, respite from the awful noise that can plague city living.
It's only when you get out into the far corners, that you can actually hear the relaxing sound of silence.

Mind you, a perpetual silence would probably drive me as batty as the constant barrage of noise a big city provides; it's the balance that we appreciate, being able to go from one extreme to the other, as the mood dictates. The constant parade of faces and stories that city-living serves every day can be as invigorating as a solitary walk in the woods on a frosty winter morning.

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dag said...

I'm not able to post at our blog herere, so allow me to try to leave this as a comment till I fiugre out how to do things properly.

We enter our second year of Blue Revolution meetings this evening, our first year having passed too quickly; and the results show me to be a changed man, different in my life fundamentally thanks to these meetings with people who provide me with ideas and models of living and thinking I would not have, did not ever consider before I met them. I might not be a good man, but I am a better man for knowing my friends and listening to them, considering their views, having them as friends. This kind of transformation of the man is open to all, to those who would join in this great project of transforming our societies and our world, of making our public discourses open and honest and valid for Humanity as a whole. These Blue Revolutionaries have turned my life upside down and shaken out from me some of the worst of my common assumptions; and in place of those past errors of judgement and bias and unexamined idiocies I come away each evening after our meetings a better man. I am blessed. And this is only the beginning, there being most other people in our shared world who can join us and provide us all with more of the Good and the insights we need to reconsider and make better judgements, better choices, act in better fashions. It comes from discussing with friends our ideas openly. I am blessed.

There are those who do not attend our meetings, for whatever reasons, and we miss their contributions to our common project. We've met for a year now, and we will meet for another, hoping and waiting for the day others join us to add to our shared fund of knowledge and experience and open honesty in pursuit of common decency in our public discourses. We meet, we talk, we enjoy our time together. We invite you to join with us to articulate a better covenant with our fellows in our common nations, and in so doing to make friends and learn from others and to teach as well those of us who love to learn and make our lives better from it.

If we don't act in the defence of the Good by simply meeting and talking in public we will have abandoned our roles as responsible citizens and as people who deserve their earned democracies. We will get what we deserve, and we won't like it. To meet ones friends and learn and to enjoy the company of others is a grandness denied to those who worry and fume in private, wishing for magic that cannot come, that will in the end become a blackened nightmare world of hate and violence. Just to sit openly in defiance of the assumed good of Left dhimmi fascism, to speak openly and honestly and to listen to others voice unheard of opinions, as I have done for this past year, is to learn great things that make life greater each time. To be with friends, to stand in unity against evil, to be happy in company of good men and women, that is a joy that blesses me. The obverse is to seethe and hate in silence and resentment till the rage builds and erupts into murder. If we sit doing nothing till such time as others take the lead, then we might well see laws abandoned to the Furies, and we might well see lawyers themselves enraged and hate-filled leading the vigilante charge against anyone and perhaps everyone.

Look at those who have done nothing till it's too late to be reasonable.

Angry crowd attacks suspected serial killers outside Indian court

The Associated Press

Published: January 25, 2007

NEW DELHI: An angry crowd outside an Indian courthouse severely beat a wealthy man and his servant on Thursday after they attended a court hearing on charges of raping, killing and dismembering more than 20 women and children.

Television footage showed the crowd, including some lawyers, attacking and punching the suspects before police reinforcements arrived and formed a protective cordon around them.


India's top federal crime agency, the Central Bureau of Investigation, took over the investigation from local police, who were accused of failing to properly pursue reports of missing children from a nearby slum.

Above is the way it might be if we do nothing but wait for others to act for us, till we devolve into a mob of angry men and women fed up with the continuous lies and phantasies of sentimentalists and cynics. We need public honesty and decent people meeting openly to say "Enough!" We need you to come and sit with us. I am blessed, and you can increase my blessing and make our shared world a better place simply by sitting with us. It is good; and the result of doing nothing is too terrible to contemplate. Join us as we enter this second year of our Blue Revolution. Join us, friend.

We meet each Thursday evening at the Vancouver Public Library in the atrium outside Blenz coffee bar from 7-9:00 pm. Join us. We want to know you. The world needs you. And it's good to be with friends.