Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The war on french women, according to Sego

French socialist presidential candidate Segolene Royal, for all her faults, is a blogger's dream come true.
Every time she does or says anything, it lends itself to subject matter for a post!

Thanks to the internet, I played a long interview she had given over the weekend on french television, as background accompaniment to some work I was doing; a few times I had to ask myself, "did I just hear what I thought I heard..?" At the time I simply assumed I was mistaken and continued on with the task at hand.
Come to find out this morning, through this isolated clip, that she did indeed offer the following, startling, statistic on violence against women in France. (ht: Ségogole: Le blog de Ségolène Royal, a french satirical goldmine of info on the preposterous candidacy of France's favorite socialist)
"In France, the media hides the truth from us. This awful truth: in a nation such as France, one woman out of three is killed due to beatings from her spouse."

Hiding the extent of the barbaric urban unrest must have been difficult enough, but kudos to the aplomb of the french media for seemingly pulling off an even more large-scale conspiracy, if they can successfully conceal the murders of so many millions of women from their fellow citizens!

I haven't seen any corrections or clarifications being offered from the socialist party on this statement, and not much reference to it from any quarter, as yet. What does that say about the standards that the french electorate expects from their presidential candidates?
May we suppose the battered voters of France have grown so accustomed to their media and political elite's illusory treatment of daily life, for so long, that they can watch bold statements such as these, and resign themselves with a gallic shrug, that for all they know it may actually be true...


truepeers said...

Do you think Sego knew what she was saying - did she know it was a bald-faced lie?

Or is her consciousness so overwhelmed by the desire that such hideous things be true, as proof of the great guilt of our civilization that it is the role of the fascist politician to redeem?

Keep laughing Charles, but the more I hear out of this woman, the more frightened I am.

Charles Henry said...

I don't think she is lying to others as she says these things, there's just too much sincerity in her eyes.
It may be said, though, that she is lying to herself, so that she can feel as if she's making a difference. She reminds me of a time when I was walking with a colleague who suddenly gave money to an obvious drug addict begger, and when I pointed out the self-evident (and self-destructive) purpose to which he was going to use her money, she just said, "I know, but I felt so sorry for him."

And so an act of "charity" turned out to be for her own self-esteem, and by her own admission, not for any tangible support for the wired beggar.

It's that kind of lie, to herself, that Sego seems to wallow in; she believes what she needs to believe, when she needs to believe it, in order to feel like she's a better person.
We're all guilty of that to some extent, I suppose. With Sego, though, it's starting to seem pathological....

tiberge said...

@ charles

I read (as usual I don't have the link handy) that if what she said were true there would be 200,000 women killed each year. The actual figures however are quite astounding: 100,000 women actually are beaten to death each year. I will try to find the link - it sounds incredible.

This must refer mostly to girls "shacked up" with thugs or to Muslim women beaten for some violation of Islamic law.