Sunday, July 08, 2007

But he must have been crazy!

A man physically hinders himself in a ridiculous costume, walks into a bank with no weapon and demands money. The bank gives him some. Why? Maybe because the rule book just says give bank robbers some money, don't risk lives; and no one who writes rule books is creative enough to imagine this situation. We often talk about modern bureaucratic society creating a world of mental infants and cowards who bend to any and every threat from bad guys. Is this yet more proof or am I just imagining things?
(WBZ) MANCHESTER, NH Police are looking for a man who attempted to disguise himself as a tree and rob a bank in Manchester, New Hampshire Saturday morning.

Police say the suspect used duct tape to attach tree branches onto his body as a form of camouflage. He then walked into the Citizens Bank on Elm Street and demanded money.

No one was hurt in the robbery and no weapons were used, according to police. The bank was closed and police cruisers blocked off the entrances to the bank as officials investigated the incident.

Aside from sporting tree branches, the suspect was also wearing a bluish-colored T-shirt, blue jeans and had thick glasses. He was about 5' 8" tall with a thin build and dark hair.

The tree robber was able to escape with an undisclosed amount of cash.


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