Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Left Jihadi Rats Jumping Ship.

Now we know. When we see the hordes of former Leftists join the jihad it will be perfectly clear to all of us why:

"Ghazi said his movement didn't want to topple Musharraf because that wouldn't cure the nation's problems. ``Another Musharraf will rise,'' he said. ``We have a better option in the shape of the Islamic welfare system. The Islamic system is so complete it gives justice to everyone.''

The context, because in a week I'll forget the details of this too: In Pakistan a few thousand Muslim supporters of the Taliban have held a mosque in the center of Kharachi against the government, soldiers have been killed in the taking of it, and all of this because the jihadis kidnapped and killed in the city for the sake of imposing sharia on the nation.

Sharia, the newest and greatest collectivist scam since communism. "[T]he Islamic welfare system." "[S]o complete it gives justice to everyone.''

Watch the Leftist rats scurry from the sunk ship of Communism to the rotten hulk of Islam. And then on to the next till they finally go down forever, we can only hope, he prayed.

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truepeers said...

I was thinking our Left will always have problems with the God and submission thing, until I read your link:

"Students started coming out of the mosque after the government extended a deadline yesterday for people to leave. It offered to pay 5,000 rupees ($82.81) to each student who surrendered to security forces.

Musharraf has stressed that Pakistan must follow a path of moderation to defeat extremism. He has pledged to boost economic growth in the world's second largest Muslim nation of 165 million people in an effort to reduce the threat of terrorism."

-create anarchy and get paid to do it! Leftist nirvana! Doesn't Musharraf worry this could get a little addictive? Or, is the best he has to offer in way of "economic growth" a cynical inflation? And what is this perfect Islamic welfare: beat up on somebody and get him to pay you to stop? Hardly an original idea.

truepeers said...

Maybe that explains the doctors' plot: it was meant to fizzle out; they figure the dhimmis will give them a raise!

dag said...

There is a great deal of humor to find in this mess, isn't there? But what about us. Where's the $80.00 we should get for our meetings? Should we take hostages of ourselves at the library? I think I might threaten to hold my breath till I turn purple if the government doesn't give me money for restoration of my lost self-esteem. Yeah, I'll burst all over the library. That'll show em.

Tomorrow's installment? Akinola and infantile rage.