Monday, July 09, 2007

The Hezbollahization of Quebec goes Mainstream Media

Canada’s Cartoon Controversy | The Brussels Journal
I don't know what's more frightening: seeing these cartoons that were published in Quebec's leading newspapers some weeks ago, or just learning about them now via the Brussels Journal. How come I have heard nothing about this in the English Canadian media, which I modestly follow? A country that allows the antisemitic sickness to fester unchallenged will allow its real enemies to destroy itself before long. Of course, the problem is that liberal Canadians are no longer shown how to judge and to know the difference between enemy and friend of modern freedom and civilization. For our national elite, even to raise such a question is to reveal a right-wing racist thought proclivity. But a return to mainstream antisemitism, and all the deadly delusions that go with it, is a sure sign of the ultimate failure of multicultural moral relativism, and possibly of Quebec nationalism for that matter (though if they keep this up, I hope they will get lost - but could fostering an anti-Quebec backlash from civilized Canadians be the secret wish of members of Quebec's nationalist media class?).

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