Saturday, November 08, 2008

CBC vs CHRC: can they both lose?

halls of macadamia: I just about fell off my chair
Imagine my surprise when I overhear that todays topic is whether the CHRC should be abolished.

One of the comics actually makes reference to Richard "Lucy" Warman hacking into people's email accounts and, get this, his subconscious desire to impress his uncle... "Jimmy Hitler."
Most of us "free speechers" would see the CBC and the CHRC on the same (wrong) side of the victim politics game. But from time to time we hear a few criticisms of victimary blackmail in exceptional voices from the CBC, and even see some signs of infighting in the old "human rights" censorship crowd. Maybe the victimary paradigm will fall apart when infighting among the (victimary) powers that be (e.g. official gays vs. official Muslims) forces on all of us the need/responsibility for a new way of thinking about our shared freedom/responsibility.

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Thanks for the tip m8, that is funny;)