Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thoughts on reading Walker's latest...

Maybe we should start sending them pints of writers' blood, gratis...
..Their squeamishness hasn't stopped them from maligning Ezra's civil rights. CHRC investigator Natalie Dagenais actually blacked out the portions of his submitted legal defense which she deemed unfitting for CHRC commissioner eyes. At least they didn't spend $500,000 to censor him this time. I mean, even with a higher cost of living, what does a marker cost these days? A buck?
But do the new Masters of he Universe shop at dollar stores like normal people? Are they not more carefree with with the fruits of the seigneury? Or do they demand blood from their stationery suppliers too?
I'll spare you the speech about how such bureaucracies undermine our freedom, as I've said it before, but I will add that the HRC bureaucracy is inefficient, ill-run, illiberal, and unnecessary in the realms of journalism or speech. That they have the audacity to pursue writers and publications, and how they fold when pressure is brought to bear against them, evidences a predatory nature which is ill-suited for the well-being of the citizenry beneath them.

To steal the words from Ezra Levant's mouth: "Fire. Them. All."

But don't bother to send a letter first. They've got markers.
Free speech under attack

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

I'm actually pretty happy with how the article turned out.

Let me know if you start a blood-drive anytime; I think that'd be an interesting thing to put on my resume ( would it qualify as a charitable act, or an event of activism?...)