Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monsieur Iggy

During the last Liberal Party of Canada leadership campaign in 2006, I wrote Michael Ignatieff to ask what he had to say about his Quebec lieutenant, Denis Coderre, attending what was a de facto Hezbollah rally in Montreal. Iggy's office gave me the run around, and put me on their mailing list (figuring, I guess, that there must be a few genuine Liberals pissed off about Hezbollah).

So, I received a note an hour ago telling me that Michael wanted me to be among the first to know he was again throwing his hat in the leadership ring. I have always thought it strange that a man who has spent most of his adult life outside of Canada wants to be our Prime Minister. Then again, maybe it is his mission in life to save us from Bob Rae. Anyway, I see Iggy is giving off signs that he has initiated himself into the Liberal Party view of Canada. To quote from the letter:
...we need to listen to each and every Liberal. Indeed, we need to listen to each and every Canadian. [OK MIKE: no more sucking up to terrorists, or even just ideological Islamists!] We must let everyone know that this campaign is really more about them than it is about me.
Tous ensemble, riding by riding, person by person, we can renew our Party and bring Canada back.
That's the last paragraph of the letter. The French version follows. Here's the last paragraph of that:
Tous ensemble, comté par comté, personne par personne, nous pouvons renouveler notre parti et retrouver notre Canada.
I'm just curious, is it normal in the Liberal worldview to make the ritualistic nod to bilingualism only in the English version? There's no English in the French version.

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