Monday, November 10, 2008

Learning from losers?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it's the exact same people who wanted Bush impeached. Hey, they need something to do, don't they?

Dag said...

Just shy of 20,000 designs to express contempt for our president at Cafe Pres, mere days after the election. I have to hand it to the market: this is some great country where one can make a living dumping on a politician who has as yet done not a thing to piss us off. I expect all of the worst from him once he has the power to do as he may, but till then, I stand back and wait, no bumper-sticker for me as yet.

Meanwhiles, and till I'm convinced of wring, I put my efforts into Palinism. The election is over, and we can do some positive good by working on the future. No money from me for complainers. My bucks go to the future, to Palinism, to America as it can be again, the Great Nation.

reliable sources said...

One thing that those opposed to Obama may cling to is the evidence that he does not qualify to be President because, despite having Bruce Springsteen singing for his campaign, he may not have been "Born in the USA." I heard a lawyer, who says he's a Democrat, on Coast to Coast radio who had spearheaded the case that Obama does not meet birth and other related criteria to run for President.

I thought the lawyer had compelling evidence to support his case. But the Supreme Court wouldn't hear his request that the election be postponed until Obama could come up with a legitimate birth certificate (the one he had come up with had his sister Maya's name on it, blanked out, but it could be detected.)

This lawyer interviewed Obama's paternal grandmother in Kenya and she is on tape saying that she was in the room when Obama was born -- although she was speaking through a translater. When she said that, the cousins were in the background saying 'No grandma, it didn't happen that way.'

The most interesting part of the interview was when the lawyer said he suspected the reason Obama had refused to release his medical or college records was that he had applied for foreign aid.

truepeers said...


yeah, I've seen a bit on that story; I think it would probably be best if they (there is more than one guy trying to get at the birth certificate) got their day in court. But then I can't quite imagine any court having the courage to declare Obama illegitimate. And if they did there would be hell to pay from the cultists. The judiciary will probably do anything not to hear the case...

There are also the questions arising from the apparent fact that in his student days at Columbia, Obama lived only two blocks from terrorist Bill Ayers, whom Obama is saying he barely knows and then only in Chicago. It may be that the records are being kept private because there could be something about his student days Obama is trying to hide. It seems odd that there is practically no one talking about knowing Obama in those days.

Dag said...

I see no significant division between many on the so-called Right and the so-called Left: Robespierre summed them up all beautifully just prior to shooting himself in the head (in a failed suicide attempt) as his former friends and colleagues were coming to haul him off to the guillotine when he wrote, (and this is how smart and fancy he was, he said it in French!)"Extremes meet."

The political terms "Left" and "Right" originate in the French Revolution, referring to the seating arrangement of political factions in the Assembly, not to do with politics per se but with where people chose to sit. It ain't science. It's a seating arrangement. Circa 140 years later, in Russia, while Stalin was attempting to rule the world socialist movement, i.e. The International, outraged at localist socialist movements outside Stalin's "International" he proclaimed that anyone to the "Right" of his position is a "fascist." Hence, Mussolini is a fascist, so is Hitler, so is anyone not with or to the "Left" of Stalin. That would be nearly everyone on Earth, all fascists, all "Rightists." And all of it meaningless outside the Stalinist bubble.

A better and sensible division is between individualists and communitarians. "Left and Right" mean nothing in practice. One has the collective vision of the meaning of life, and the other has not. If one is a collectivist, where one sits on the political continuum, "Left" or "Right" is meaningless. an Obama groupie or a race-supremist or any other "identity" groupist is still a collectivist. That's the essential difference.