Sunday, November 30, 2008

When law is cool, would you pay $300/hr for it?

...For an apparent lack of basic reading comprehension (or is it intellectual dishonesty?) on the part of the famous Wasgoode Hall graduates. Apparently they have been obsessively berating Steyn for noticing that the Ayatollah Khomeini and the rest of the Mullahs have a certain obsession (where does that come from?) with dividing the world into the clean and the polluted. And yet when it comes to making their accusation against the man who proves repeatedly that high school drop outs can be much smarter than university graduates, they can't even read what he is saying...

Via Mark Steyn:
Just to recap, said “kerfuffle” arises from this passage in a review I wrote for Maclean’s of Oriana Fallaci’s final book The Force Of Reason:
Signora Fallaci then moves on to the livelier examples of contemporary Islam -- for example, Ayatollah Khomeini's "Blue Book" and its helpful advice on romantic matters: "If a man marries a minor who has reached the age of nine and if during the defloration he immediately breaks the hymen, he cannot enjoy her any longer." I'll say. I know it always ruins my evening. Also: "A man who has had sexual relations with an animal, such as a sheep, may not eat its meat. He would commit sin." Indeed. A quiet cigarette afterwards as you listen to your favourite Johnny Mathis LP and then a promise to call her next week and swing by the pasture is by far the best way. It may also be a sin to roast your nine-year-old wife, but the Ayatollah's not clear on that.
A cheap joke en passant. Indeed, insofar as I dwelt on the ovine fornication, it was to suggest to La Fallaci that, even for us flagrant Islamophobes, it was not perhaps the most useful avenue of attack:
I enjoy the don't-eat-your-sexual-partner stuff as much as the next infidel, but the challenge presented by Islam is not that the cities of the Western world will be filling up with sheep-shaggers. If I had to choose, I'd rather Mohammed Atta was downriver in Egypt hitting on the livestock than flying through the windows of Manhattan skyscrapers. But he’s not.
And that’s it. That’s all I said. And no one would remember had not El Mo’s sock puppets included the sheep-shagging line in the dossier they submitted to the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission.
John Miller’s Open Letter to Mark Steyn : Law is Cool:
Citing factually inaccurate information as authoritative is actually just as bad as saying it yourself. He has yet to cite a single academic journal that uses the quote he references. He does go beyond simply citing Fallaci, suggesting that rising Muslim immigration would be accompanied by beastiality [CZ's emphasis],
This, it seems to me, is the most valuable contribution of Oriana Fallaci’s work. I enjoy the don’t-eat-your-sexual-partner stuff as much as the next infidel, but the challenge presented by Islam is not that the cities of the Western world will be filling up with sheep-shaggers.[emphasis added]
We expect this from high school dropouts, but not from Canada’s national news magazine.
Need I say more?

Anyway, the real targets of Steyn's latest revelations of gross stupidity in public are actually John Miller and "Big City Liberal". Blazing Cat Fur quotes Iowahawk:
Having just read Steyn's rebuttal in its entirety, I must say congratulations. You and "Doctor" Miller have just immortalized yourselves as the bumbling self-inflicted subjects of the single most exquisite literary evisceration in the history of the internet, nay, the world.

In fact, scratch "evisceration." Make that vaporization. At this point your next of kin will be lucky to find intact bits of "Doctor" Miller's reputation quivering in the treetops of Ryerson, let alone complete dental records.

No mind though, for your immortality is secure. For centuries to come students will study this marvelous episode: the pompous, clueless PC prof and his eager internet buttlick attempt to bell the famous cat Steyn, with completely predictable results.
Sometimes it's fun to be cruel:)


Anonymous said...

I must admit, it was quite enjoyable to see the insufferable get their come-uppance.

I think Mark was one of the few people who could have delivered it, too. Sort of like a dog shaking fleas off of its back.

Vancityguy said...

This link isn't intended for you, or your post Truepeers. But please, make sure DAG sees this as the issue of 'proxy armis' had come up in the comments of one of his posts.