Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pro-suffering ghouls pester sister of Canadian carpenter murdered in Afghanistan

Is anyone surprised to learn that the ghoulish anti-freedom and pro-suffering forces across Canada are hounding the sister of the murdered Canadian hero, Mike Frastacky [whom we blogged about here], in order to exploit her brother's recent death to further they immoral aims?

Bad enough that they actively campaign to prolong the suffering of Afghan people, now they shamelessly harangue the relatives of dead Canadians killed for having the heart to help Afghanis try to escape from the shadows of their horrific past.

Sister of B.C. aid worker killed in Afghanistan says no politics in his death

VANCOUVER (CP) - The sister of a Vancouver carpenter who was shot to death in Afghanistan
says she's overwhelmed by countless messages of support from people around the world.
But [ she] also said Monday she wishes people would stop using the death of her brother Mike Frastacky for political reasons.

Some are using the death to back up their belief that Canadian troops should withdraw from Afghanistan, where her brother was building a school as an independent aid worker, Frastacky said from Toronto.

They're e-mailing me saying I should put pressure, or they want to put pressure, on (Prime Minister Stephen) Harper to get our troops out of Afghanistan. If they want to do that it's fine. But don't ask me to do more than I've already done. I've sacrificed a brother."

Frastacky said Mike Frastacky, 56, risked his life when he returned to Afghanistan to finish building the school in Nahrin, in the northeastern province of Baghlan.

He was shot at a home two weeks ago under mysterious circumstances.

The family will host a ceremony to celebrate Mike Frastacky's life, followed by a memorial service in Vancouver in September, she said.

Omar Samad, Afghanistan's ambassador to Canada, said from Ottawa that he has spoken to Frastacky to express his sympathy and would like to attend the ceremony in honour of a man
who did so much for the Afghan people.

How low will the pro-suffering mob sink before their consciences cry "Stop! Afghanis are humans too, they deserve to be raised out of their hellish world and shepherded into the 21st century"..?
How much suffering are they willing to inflict in order to continue clinging to the shroud of despair with which they insist on blanketing our world? Why not send more troops, so brave and generous heroes like this humble carpenter can accomplish even more for the people of Afghanistan?

What upsets the pro-suffering left the most: the Taliban's attempt to expand their islamic misogyny, or that Canadians are attempting to end it?

The sister of a Vancouver man shot to death in Afghanistan believes he was targeted because girls were being educated at the school he funded and built.
Frastacky spent $70,000 of his own money over the last four years to build a school in Nahrin that's attended by about 600 students.
Under the Taliban regime girls were banned from school.

At Frastacky's school girls and boys were educated in separate classrooms. He left for his latest trip in late June to check on the school and to build a playground for the girls.

Killed for wanting to build a playground for girls.
Maybe one of the denizens of the "get out of Afghanistan" mob can enlighten me, since I readily admit I do not understand the morality of their position at all: western troops try to protect the Afghan good guys from the depredations of the taliban muslims. We withdraw these troops, leaving the Afghan good guys to the mercy of the taliban muslims. What happens next, the taliban muslims turn into blue-state democrats, in favor of gay marriage, expanded day-care for working mothers, socialized medical care, and a higher minimum wage???

(Here comes the typical response: "do you realize what this war is costing the canadian taxpaper?" I suppose when these pro-suffering types see a city-funded fire engine racing to put out a burgeoning fire somewhere in their neighborhood, they block its passage out of their civic concern over the expensive overtime the firefighters will earn that evening desperately dousing the spreading flames..? "That money doesn't grow on trees, you know! It's cheaper to just let the building burn, than to fight to save it..." Some acts are worth going into debt over, on principle.)

Under the Taliban, girls were banned from attending school, and if we let the anti-freedom, pro-suffering ghouls of the left gain any more traction in our national dialog, who can say what else the Taliban will try should they gain a return to power?
The left is not so much "anti-war" as they are "pro-suffering". From now on I will apply their true label to them whenever I refer to the cause-and-effect world they refuse to acknowledge exists.

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