Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Buying the Montrealistan book online

This is a follow-up to a point I raised at last week’s Covenant Zone meeting, and in the comments section of our initial post on Fabrice de Pierrebourg’s new book, Montrealistan.

With all the notice the book was receiving in the press, I thought it was strange that there did not seem to be any way to actually buy the book online.
Well, I finally found an online bookseller that is carrying the French Montrealistan book, and from whom it can be purchased: The Librarie Renaud-Bray.

According to the site, this is the description on the book’s dust jacket: [my translation]

A few years ago, London’s status as a sanctuary for islamic terrorism earned it the nickname "Londonistan". In observing the scope of Montreal’s islamist network and its deep anchorage, it is undoubtedly no exaggeration today to speak of Montrealistan. Has a famous Montreal islamist terror cell from the 1990s survived the arrest and incarceration of its most symbolic members? What happened to them? Why is the city an ideal hideout for activists of every side, whether they be organizers, simple "soldiers" or financiers? How many veterans of al-qaeda’s afghan camps have been identified? How many Montrealers considered as threats to national security are under permanent surveillance? Leaning on numerous secret and exclusive documents, on meetings with different intelligence and military[? "lutte", in original] agencies, as well as testimonies from several persons involved, mistakenly or for good reason, in terrorist files, Fabrice de Pierrebourg answers these questions. Realist without being alarmist, he exposes troubling facts that demonstrate that Montreal, mirroring Canada, has lost nothing of its attraction for jihadi militants, even if they make themselves more discrete. Yet, awaiting the case where Canada, and Quebec in particular, will one day become the target of this extremist elements, it will be the whole muslim community and the foundation of our multiculturalism that will inexorably pay the price.

The listed price is $24.95 cdn.
And its ISBN number (in case anyone else starts carrying the title)....
ISBN: 9782760410404 (2760410404)

At this writing, the book is not available through, or through Is there another possible canadian book source that I am overlooking here..?
Meanwhile the actual publisher, Les Éditions Stanké, doesn't have an operational website, so they are not publicizing this hot title. Hot, judging by how many people are searching for more information about it over the internet! I hope they have plans to publish an english edition.

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