Thursday, April 05, 2007

Supporting France's Blue Revolution

"Cheese-eating surrender monkeys"; that has become the standard joke in North America today when speaking about France’s ongoing cultural and economic decay. The slur is a tempting one to adopt, given the abundance of examples of ignoble acts performed by France’s self-aggrandized political and academic nobility who profane their cultural treasury, aided and abetted by their complicit statist media who cannot bear the dis-illusionment that would come with an honest appraisal of their suicidally flawed belief system. It is truly despairing to bear witness to how the delusion of socialist dirigisme continues to debase France, its elite classes willing to sacrifice layer after precious layer of reality in order to preserve the falsehoods they need to derive their sense of self-worth.

While last year’s anti-CPE protests reveal that the rot has set in to a frightening degree within their system, it takes a second look to discover it is not a universal madness: there are many who reject the noxious fumes from the smokescreen their media and academia cast before fellow citizens. There are a growing number who look beyond the platitudes of their political class, and demand accountability. In sweeping these good people into the same category as their bad, we weaken our own attempts in North America to conserve valuable traditions and restore the pride of achievement that is Western Civilization’s proper due.

In France these citizens have formed a movement known as the Blue Revolution. They exist, they act, they work to breathe a life worth living into the husk of their nation’s future.

It must be pointed out over and over again, so that it is not ignored: not all France has forsaken its past, nor given up on its future. Not every Gallic citizen has chosen to live like alcoholics besotted by desires to live for only the present moment. There are a brave few that struggle against the tide, their numbers growing daily as isolated voices find each other through the internet, and sporadic resistance gains more formal shape. Do we do ourselves any favors in pretending these fellow allies do not exist?

We in Canada complain of our left-leaning media, but at least here the overwhelming bias is balanced out by resources on display by our neighbors to the south: American talk radio, Fox news and the tapestry of American blogs all within such easy reach, and probably being taken far too much for granted. In Canada we can juxtapose two views and emerge with a measured judgment, but what about our brothers and sisters of France? Where do they go for their alternative diet of information? So little French conservative media exists there, in either print, television or radio format.

And so the Blue Revolution was formed, to foster alliances between the liberty-loving people of France, to provide an exchange of information and resources in order to build a consensus for changing that which needs changing, while preserving that which merits preserving. Implicit in its objectives is the expectation that other citizens of other nations, bound together in shared values and shared beliefs, can derive inspiration from the shared Covenant for renewal.
We support France’s Blue Revolution, we gather strength of our own from the faith of its members in the sanctity of their cause. Inspired by their act of faith in their nation, we here in Vancouver British Columbia meet to do our part to renew Canada’s faith in itself, seeking to revitalize the Covenant between that all those who value liberty, starting with those within Canada and reaching out to like-minded allies throughout the world. We stand in unison with our French allies, and reject as they do the tribal divisions imposed upon citizens of the modern world by self-anointed elites whimsically carving us all into groups of "victims" and "aggressors".

We offer them, and you, this video, to affirm that the struggle for liberty is worth engaging in, that there exists many potential allies scattered in corners so far removed from each other that only through effort and conviction will we discover the true scope of our alliance. In solidarity with the spirit of the objectives of France’s Blue Revolution, we meet every Thursday in the atrium of the Main Branch of the Vancouver Public Library, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, wearing as our colleagues in France do for their gatherings, a blue scarf to symbolize the universal longing for an eventual clear horizon.

It probably sounds repetitious to those who have been reading for a long time, but it is for the sake of those to whom it may be being heard for the first time, that we say it again and again: we exist, we act, we are looking for you to join us. Keep your Faith to keep your Nation: support and supply your own version of France's Blue Revolution.

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