Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Welcoming Home Heroes

We tend to fill our blog with bad news, as it is important to know the depths of the evil we face in the world today. With truth there can be wisdom, and from that wisdom we shall somehow arrive at the solutions we need to win through to victory against the forces of true evil that are arranged against us.
Every once in a while it's equally important to reflect on the good news that exists as well, for there is still much good in the world. It makes it easier to renew the struggle against evil, to acknowledge the good we fight for, and the humility to be grateful for it. With gratitude comes strength, and the conviction that the good must endure. Such are the seeds for greatness.

Especially in the United States of America. Neighbors, once again you set the standard for greatness, for the rest of us to live up to.

This video isn't very long, but it's long enough to show, yet again, the real source of America's greatness: the moral strength of the Americans who live there.

May God always Bless America with such heroes as Bert Brady.

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