Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another home of a Soharwardy critic is attacked

People have joked about the name that Calgary Imam,
Syed Soharwardy, took for the organization he fronts: the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada. What makes this small outfit more supreme than any other? What nerve?

Well, is it just coincidence, or do Calgary's thugs have a thing for watching the Supreme's back?

Recently, three women launched a human rights complaint against Sohwarwardy for their treatment at his mosque. A few weeks ago, one of these women was severely beaten in a home invasion. Now, the house of a second of the complainants, filled with sleeping children, has been attacked by fire bombers at 4 AM. If it hadn't been for the fact that her husband was awake, many could have died.

Background to the story can be found at Ezra Levant : a series of unfortunate events. Let's hope the police get to the bottom of this, and quick.

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