Monday, March 17, 2008

French Police Surge On Grigny

Earlier this month we reported on a grisly evening of violence in the French suburb of Grigny.
That weekend a force of two hundred police officers faced off against a marauding army of youths threatening to set fire to a bakery. The resulting clash of molotov cocktails answered with tear gas grenades ended with four police officers shot by the youths, and no arrests being made.

This weekend saw a hopeful follow-up to that grim battle, as an assembled force of three hundred police officers descended on the neighborhood to make arrests, based partially on having identified suspects in video footage taken by security cameras at the bakery.

Translated from Le Parisien:
18 individuals were arrested this morning during a vast police operation in the city of Grande-Borne, near Grigny and Viry-Châtillon (Essonne), where in early March five police officers were wounded by shotgun blasts...

At six am, 160 police officers, supported by two companies of CRS [riot police] also comprising 160 men, penetrated this city where on March 2 police from the departmental Section for intervention ["Section départementale d'intervention", SDI] and the anti-criminality Brigade (Bac) were wounded by shotgun blasts following an attack on a bakery.
Different details are available from Le Figaro:
Fifteen people -- five minors and ten youths aged 18 to 22 -- were arrested Monday morning during a vast police operation...
The article says the operation was without incident, comparing it to the studied calm maintained during the deployment of the larger troop surge of 1,000 police a few weeks before, dispatched to the notoriously sensitive Parisian suburb of Villiers-le-Bel.

Of the forty arrests made during that earlier February expedition, so far 19 people have been charged for taking part in violent rioting back in November of 2007.

Both incursions were assisted by anonymous witnesses contacting police with leads.

It's astonishing that conditions in these neighborhoods have gotten so out of control that the police feels troops are needed on such a massive scale in order to arrest these bands of thugs. Imagine the cost of these operations...


truepeers said...

As long as there are people in these neighborhoods willing to inform and otherwise help the police, there is still hope for France.

But to insure the supply of such people, the French must actively engage in the "culture war", and have no bones about the civilization they are defending. Let's hope they get the leaders they (those who would stand up and fight) deserve...

Dag said...

It should never have come to this, and if it gets any worse I will use more often the tag "Death Hippies." I call them such because it is hippies who have made, as Jacques Barzun wrote in the 1950s, the ordinary and probable failures into certain losers. No one has any reason at all to curry favor with me, and maybe even reason not to, so why do I hear in my travels through the worst of the world's hell-holes people saying quietly to me "I wish we were still under the control of the British colonialists"?

The West has gone mad with visions of Rousseau dancing in their heads, and it has them spouting idiocies to the primitives of the world as if they mean something important. Death Hippies. They are so because those primitives who fall for the poisonous lies the Death Hippies tell are too unsophisticated to know that it's all a lie, that there is no going back in this tie to the state of Nature some would have us believe was the Golden Age. These touts for a utopian day-dream pull a fast one on primitives who know nothing of there own but what the poverty-idealisers tell them. Povertarians. Those who romanticize poverty as a noble moral and epistemology.

Who is responsible for the deaths of so many Palestinians over the past 60 years? Death Hippies. Rousseau's grandchildren, our Left dhimmi fascist philobarbarists. The bad news for all of us is that reality comes around once in a while and parks itself in the minds of some, some of whom have guns and legitimate right to use them. Yes, even French police will shoot when shot upon.

Who made that likely?