Thursday, March 20, 2008

A future for all, brave and free

I remember Osama bin Laden. He's the guy who organized the attack on General George Custer. He's at it again. Too bad about Custer. He was a good man. He lives on in our memories as one of ours who died in the great making of our nation. We might not know the names of all those Americans who died with him that fateful day, but they are a part of our lives and we will never really be without them in our nation's person. The killer? Well, who cares. He's at it again, making war whoops and noise. Someone should kill him. Barring that, someone should give him the rope he needs to hang himself and all his own. He puts on an offended face in the sight of cartoons about Mohammed? OK, we can play that game.

We do it, in our small way, by meeting in public to show that we in the West are free to do so, and that we will not be intimidated or cowed by bluster from a savage. We do it to give others a place to come to join us in this act of civil disobedience. where too many others whisper their resentments we sit openly and talk of positive ways of creating a new bond between our fellows, one workable in the real world, one flexible and steady and happy. We speak and hear of new ideas, some so old they are new to my mind, some so old that only God himself would have heard them first. The savage, bin Laden, barks in a cave like a dog. We meet at the public library. We speak. We listen. We understand and we are sometimes surprised and made anew. Challenge the norm. Issue a warning to the bin Ladens that we are at the library speaking sense and good will.

Bin Laden Issues Warning to EU Over Prophet Cartoons

Al Qaida Terrorist Leader Osama bin Laden, in a new message, has warned the European Union that it will be severely punished for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in European newspapers.

In an audio recording posted to an al-Qaida-affiliated Web site al-Ekhlaas late Wednesday, a voice said to be that of bin Laden's says publishing the cartoons was a greater offense than Western forces bombing the homes of women and children.

Satirical cartoons of Islam's Prophet Mohammed were published in Danish newspapers in 2006, sparking mass riots in Islamic nations worldwide. In one of the cartoons Mohammed was wearing a bomb as a turban.

The bin Laden statement says the cartoons are part of a new crusade against Islam in which the Vatican has played a large and lengthy role.

We've lost many good men and women in this eternal struggle to keep our nations free and independent. They are part of our process. Our destiny is manifest, all that can ever hold us back or slow us down being our own who would prevent our greatness from spreading across the face of our Earth. There is no real stopping us, only a matter of how long till we rule as free men and women in all nations as free individuals. No, nothing is written in stone for us, our destiny being manifest only so long as we care to pursue it. And we do. Ours is a blessing and life of great honor to live. If we go down like Custer, we will rise like our heroes of the Plains and bring to all civility and peace and further hope for our future. Bin Laden is a cartoon, as are those who heed him. Join us for an evening of talk and free debate. We meet at VPL outside Blenz in the atrium from 7-9:00 p.m. Make a stand by sitting in for coffee and chat.

Paintings by:

Domenico Tojetti, "Manifest Destiny."

John Gast, "American Progress"

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