Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Details on Toronto 18 terrorist plot starting to come out as first trial begins

But evidence presented at the first trial will be partly subject to publication ban, in order to protect the other accused from prejudiced trials, once evidence such as this surveillance video transcript is broadcast:
"Rome has to be defeated," the suspect allegedly said. "And we have to be the ones that do it. No holding back. Whether it's one man that survives, you have to do it."
"What happens? What happens at the Parliament?" one person is heard asking.

"We go and kill everybody," another responds.

"And then what?"

"And then read about it ... we get victory."
A copy of a videotape showing a member giving a sermon was recovered during a covert search of the home of one of the accused.
Full transcript of one video here:
“But you know what? Your minds gotta be on this place. Your minds and your hearts have to be here. You go back, you're living with society and you have to put on that face, you know what, we're a bunch of peace lovers you know what, I love all this *non believers* yup I love your wealth … [GROUP LAUGHTER] … I love your women, I love everything about you …
“So although our bodies will be with the *non-believers* roaming around, going to work, trying to get money, sucking up to your boss, and this and that, you know, the typical idea of nice uh, do *favours* with the parents this and that … our hearts are with the people of *heaven* our hearts are with this group right here and everybody else that's given the Covenant for us and be part of this, who are not here but *God willing* they are here with their hearts, all right?

“So you go back, *God willing* remember, doesn't matter what trials you face [GROUP SIGHING] it doesn't matter what comes your way. Our mission's greater, whether we get arrested, whether we get killed, we get tortured, our mission's greater than just individuals. It's not about you or I or this *leader* or that *leader* it's not about that. It's about the fact that this has to get done.

“Rome has to be defeated. And we have to be the ones that do it, no holding back, whether, it's one man that survives, you have to do it. This is what the Covenant's all about, you have to do it. And *God willing* we will do it. *God willing* we will get that victory.

“... Well who's gonna say anything about it. We destroyed your armies, you got nothing. We broke your knees. Rome, Rome, you guys realize who you're messing with? This is Rome. This is the one empire that's never been defeated.

“... But you know what? this empire has never been defeated. It's like a friggin' monster man. You cut off one hand, another one grows here, cut that one off, another grows here, cut that off, another one, another one, another one.

“Finally you had to leave the entire Europe because the Muslims are close to their shores. And here they came to North America and they got their fortress, they got their wall, they got their um, Patriot missiles, or whatever the heck they call them, trying to you know defend their airspace, this and that, but you know what?

“Here we are we entered your lands, we already started striking cause you know what? This training is striking at them. Saying *There is no God but God* …

“It's just we gottta stick with it man. If it takes long so be it. We just gotta stick with it because this is our mission. This is our life's mission and Allah – has already purchased us, lives and our wealth in exchange for *heaven.* He's already purchased it. We are fulfilling that, living it, alright.”
Like they say, Islam can look a lot like a Judeo-Christian heresy.

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