Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What have you done today to denormalize the Canadian Human Rights Commission?

Don't miss Ezra Levant's excellent analysis of the mockery of Canadian justice that was on display in Ottawa, Tuesday. Read it and weep; and if you're convinced that no citizen, however contemptible, should have to face the state in this form of Kafkaesque, truly banal, para-judicial, evil, get on the phone, fax, or email some politicians. And then write your local paper and request they get on the story. Yes it is all too banal to get many sober folk off their evening rocking chairs. And that's the point. This is how evil creeps into a truly modern "progressive" society.

UPDATE: Here's an example of citizen blogging at its best: barrelstrength has made a semi-complete transcript of the Lemire v. Warman hearing.

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Uwe said...

I've gone around being as politically-incorrect as possible, calling every Jew I see a nasty Kike as a brave act of asserting my and the kikes'...I mean the Jews...freedoms.

Hope that helps!

Dag said...

We do attract some smart ones, don't we?

If you're not a blinkered idiot who can't weigh reason against conformity, join us for some discussion on this and other issues this evening at the library. I'll post the notice soon and perhaps reminders through the day.

truepeers said...

what a coward! can't express a real idea, here or surely in public, so we pretty well know what he does with his mouth in public.

truepeers said...

Here's the kind of thing a real citizen does with his time, provides a transcript when the stateists try to hide their tracks: barrelstrength