Friday, March 07, 2008

Keen insight

Dennis Miller: There can be no second guessers, without first guessers:
"At least he [Bush] rolled the dice." The entirety of human culture has relied on someone being a first guesser. Nothing can come into being without them.


Anonymous said...

Not much of a defence. There isn’t much reason to respect a guy who tries something reckless and gets burned for his attempt. It’s like respecting a clueless chef who sets up a fancy 4-star restaurant in a small hick town; sometimes conditions aren’t right for bold action. And a bit of logic and prudence will tell you that.

truepeers said...

Yeah, and sometimes you could succeed, if you did a better job of selling the restaurant even when you're not sure these hicks are capable of appreciating creme brulee. The Americans presently seem to be learning things in Iraq. Such lessons take a while. In any case, the final story is long from written yet. History may yet respect the Bush. Because in the long run, what are the alternatives? How much longer can the present impasse in the ME last? Are we to keep feeding them and selling all the modern communications, etc., and letting the populations under tyranny, with all their many resentments, grow? Are we to believe that a new Caliphate can feed the world? I wouldn't even bet on the global Umma being able to put up a rice shack for every one of us. Far from it...