Monday, March 17, 2008

Worth a read

Michael Ross, at the National Post, neatly exposes the farce of the "human rights" world view whose members, obsessed with finding Nazis in lonely basement computer rooms and modern state bureaucracies, but not among the massed resentments of the "post-colonial" world, has allowed left-liberal opinion to ignore the greatest threats to human rights on full public parade from "Bangladesh to Marrakech". Nowhere than among public Jews is the farce so great.
It is all very strange: What has actually emerged from this pathetic state of affairs is that the CJC [Canadian Jewish Congress] and the Islamists find themselves in bed together, both defending their "human rights" and playing the victim's role.
When claiming attention and position in public becomes predicated on claiming an unquestionable victim status, on being the "jew" to someone else's "nazi", we lose our critical ability to differentiate between the cause of victimary politicians, and the cause of real victims and of freedom.
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