Wednesday, June 04, 2008

And Justice for All

"I want justice for Mark Steyn. But I also want justice for all these little people, who have been crushed under the jackboot of "political correction." "

David Warren

I like this writer, David Warren at the Ottawa Citizen. Above is the last line from his opinion piece in today's paper. One must assume, in looking at the state of the nation, that the politicians who purport to reside there on our collective behalf, never read the local paper, or at least not Warren's copy. How could they? He's smart and to the point and honest. One seldom witnesses any such attitude or behavior from our politicians. I don't dare guess at where they get their opinions. I want David Warren to be a politician. No doubt he's too honest and decent a guy to do that. Canadians deserve better than what they have. It' all in the running, though. "I also want justice for all these little people." Who else writes that in public?

Jack Layton.

And that sums up the point to such a degree one might weep. Come on David Warren.

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Anonymous said...

I met David Warren when he was with the "Idler" group (Toronto coffee shop and journal). And I had many exchanges with him when he was with the Whig-Standard (Kingston). He is often mistaken for a right winger. He is a centrist, with strong civil liberty credentials.