Monday, June 16, 2008

Still Free in the Cowichan

I've just notice that our friend, Walker, has an opinion piece in the Cowichan Valley Citizen: Maclean's lawsuit ridiculous waste:
I find it quite disturbing that there is a government body in this country that can question and investigate anyone they please for political opinions, and that deals with things like "thought crimes."

I find it disturbing that there is a government body in this country which can put a magazine on trial for not relinquishing editorial control to anybody who doesn't like what they have published, or for hurting someone's feelings. I find it disturbing, the way that our freedoms of free speech and press are being questioned by our government. I find this whole debacle to be disturbing, and I certainly hope that the sluggish motions that have been made by the federal Conservative government in response to cries for the reform of the Human Rights Commissions will ultimately result in a better system of judgment than the kangaroo commissions that are serving us these days.
It's good to know that when we next visit the valley that is one of the most beautiful places on earth, we will still be among free people.


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I see the hijab-wearing Muslima has been awarded £4000 damages against the hairdresser. Another example of LITIGATION JIHAD ?

Dag said...

Hey, Walker! Good to see you making waves in your walk across the worlds. We're cheering for you.

Anonymous said...

It's my pleasure.