Thursday, June 05, 2008

Coffee Break

If you've been enjoying the coverage of the "Human Rights Tribunal" here in Vancouver, come and sit with us this evening at Vancouver Public Library outside Blenz coffee bar in the atrium and let's talk about it. We'll be there at 7:00 p.m. and we'll stay till they insist it really is closing time and they have to bring the chairs inside for the night. Happens every time. We claim we sit till 9:00 but we're there till they chase us out long past the hour. Who'd think that meeting friends once a week like we've been doing for two and a half years now could be so much fun? We talk a lot. And sometimes we organize protests in support of free speech. We never know exactly what we'll be on about, not being collectively ideologically committed to much beyond democracy and the right to participate in acts of lawful personal freedom. We talk a lot about books and ideas. We'd love to talk with you. Come and join in.

If we haven't met already, now's the chance. If you don't know who we are, we often wear blue scarves to identify ourselves, and I am known to wear an Israeli flag on my baseball cap. We're easy to find, and as easy to talk to. Looking forward to you coming to join in for the evening.

Free Mark Steyn. Coffee, though, is a couple of bucks. Hope to see you tonight. That's free too.


The photo has nothing to do with free speech or jihadis. I put it up once in a while just because it's beautiful. Click to enlarge. It's actually three photos the artist puts together as one. Somewhere in southern England. Life isn't all doom and gloom. Sometimes it's lovely.


zazie said...

this is off topic, or isn't it ?.....Tomorrow, june 6th, is D-day ; Those who died on French beaches sincerely believed they were fighting for freedom, against all forms of dictatorship ; will the country you describe nowadays dare to commemorate the anniversary ? Nevertheless, I still feel thankful to all those Canadian, American, Australian, New-Zelander, British and ....French boys, who gallantly gave their lives ; it is such a pity politicians deal with politics, or rather pretend to do so when in fact they are interested only in money and power !

Eowyn said...

What a lovely, lovely photo :o)

I wish I could attend the "kaffee klatsch," truly -- you already seem like a great bunch, though I've only recently discovered you. So much so, that you've taken a spot my coveted (haha) "very cool sites" list. I'll be there in spirit, though!

And thank you, zazie. You're right.

Dag said...

Any man who has any real manliness to him at all would struggle hard to make a beautiful landscape for the girl he loves so he could walk along it with her. And if he had to leave her there and fight and die for her safety at home, leaving the walk to other men and other ladies some other time, then it's a sacrifice any man would feel proud of making.

Zazie, a firm hand-shake to your husband; and Eowyn, one too for the hero in your life. And to all the ladies men love and work and fight for, our best to you and them.

Eowyn said...

Thanks so much, dag :) You're a knight in every sense.

I served three years in the U.S. Army, but I'm no hero, only a patriot. I don't deserve to wipe the boots of those brave men at Normandy, nor those serving now in Iraq and Afghanistan -- nor all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I want to thank zazie once again, as I intend to spend tomorrow in reflection on just what Normandy meant to us all.