Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Too bloody angry to post

I don't like writing when I'm full of anger. If we write to defer our resentment, as I think we do, we perhaps write meaningfully (at least for others) when we have already deferred anger sufficiently to come to some kind of lucid observation on what it is we need our language to transcend. That, of course, is something we often fail to live up to. But it is no reason to silence a man for life.

Anyway, what has me royally steamed these last few days is the humiliating order of an anti-individual, neo-Maoist in Alberta by the name of Lori Andreachuck (if you don't know the story, see Ezra Levant's comments here and here and here) who would effectively silence and ruin the life of a Christian pastor, banning him from speaking on one of the central concerns of the Judeo-Christian worldview, and of deep personal concern to this pastor.

For writing this letter in 2002, Stephen Boissoin has been passed with a legally binding order (ignoring which could lead to his imprisonment) that is entirely unconscionable in a free and democratic society. In other words, there is no way this is constitutional if Canadian law is still in the hands of sane people, since according to our Charter all laws must be consonant with the needs of a "free and democratic society."

As I wrote in the comments at the National Post, I think it is time for Canadians to start thinking seriously about organizing civil disobedience in opposition to the kangaroo courts of the "human rights" tribunals:
Whatever you may think of Boissoin's righteous certainty about the wrongness of homosexuality and the degree of tolerance in the Christian's "love the sinner but hate the sin" (personally, I think there is a lot of tolerance in that, since loving ourselves but hating what we sometimes do is how most people understand their own humanity), there can be no doubt that Andreachuck and Lund have demonstrated a far greater degree of self-righteousness and intolerance than Boissoin.

As Ezra says, to pass this order on a Christian pastor is effectively to ruin his life, permanently. And this for a passionate letter to the local paper.

But to effectively ban all discussion of the possible consequences of different sexual and familial practises (the future of which is something no one can know: we are all making more or less educated guesses in the laboratory of history, and no one, despite the arrogance of Gnostics like Andreachuck and Lund, has special knowledge of what will prove successful and what not, whatever the very real historical lessons remembered in the Bible's conflict with the widespread pederasty and polygamy of the ancient world) is outrageous to a whole other level. It is positive madness for a once free and open society to try and close off huge and fundamental topics of conversation. It is a sign of a society that has become too scared of itself to go on, too frightened of our shared freedom, as if it is unthinkable that we might never have to stop thinking about and defending what we hold dear, as if it is too outrageous that we can never live in certainty about our life choices and must have constant maternal affirmation from the Andreachuck's of this beastly realm. What kind of pansies does she think we Canadians are?

There really aren't words to express the sickness and the complete lack of justice or common sense in the action of the Alberta (and other) Human Rights Fascists. This kind of public humiliation is exactly what they did in Mao's China and the stories of ruined lives are now all about us here in Canada for anyone with the real empathy to look, listen, and learn.

I am utterly disgusted that this is happening in my country. Let there me no doubt that I am ready and willing to engage in civil disobedience alongside anyone targeted by these "human rights" fascists. And I suspect there are every day more and more who feel the same. Any politician who thinks this outrage will just fade away with time had better think again.

Act now or live in the shame of history. As it presently stands, Ed Stelmach is a &$#*@ Maoist, as is Gordon Campbell, Harper, and most of the so-called "conservative" leaders in this country.
I will be at the central branch of the Vancouver Public Library tomorrow night, like every Thursday, 7-9 pm in front of Blenz Coffee (look for the guys with the blue scarves), and open for discussions on the logic of civil disobedience, as an occasionally necessary activity in a free and democratic society.

We might also talk about the kind of organizations we need to see emerging in Canada to focus the fight against the "human rights" world view. We might begin asking, for example, who will join us in setting up picket teams to blockade the entrance to buildings where our deeply evil kangaroo courts will meet in future? Whatever you think of my or Boissoin's views on sexuality, none of us is free in a society where we can be given gag orders for life for offending the sensibility of some bureaucrats and activists. No one is free in a society where people are forced to make public apologies, against their will, for the views they hold. Mao killed and ruined tens of millions of lives in China where just such forced rituals of "apology" and public humiliation were a central tool of the most oppressive mental domination; how many will our Canadian Maoists kill and ruin before we stop them? Among my Chinese-Canadian friends who have recently immigrated, there is a high frequency of stories about families ripped apart, members killed, by the Maoist/police state evil... will the nightmare continue?

I will have more to say on all of this when I get my bearrings. We really do need a way to better understand why those who claim to be fighting for love and tolerance can be so deeply intolerant and hateful. Christians have a right to their Biblical and patriarchal religion. No one has a right to feel their way of living is beyond public criticism. No one is wise enough to judge when language is too passionate that it might expose someone else to hate. Language, even violent language, acts to defer our violence, even when it doesn't succeed for long. Those who would silence in the name of keeping the peace can only take us to the dead (and usually very violent) end that all tyrannies eventually reach. Andreachuck and her many comrades in genteel Canadian authoritarian stupidity need to talk to some Ukrainians about Stalin.

Thankfully, Boissoin is not caving in to these tyrants and so we will all have a chance to stand with him against the law that is clearly indefensible to people who know what freedom is:
In regards to the recent absurd ruling by the AHRC, let me be clear, I will never apologize regardless of the consequences and I will not pay fines unless failing to do so prevents my ability to appeal. I stand by my right to have an opinion and to equally express that opinon in private and in the public square. I will exercise that God given right as long as I live.


Anonymous said...

Good post.

And good picture too.


Findalis said...

Instead of apologizing, he should give a sermon on the evils of multiculturalism and then condemn homosexuality, Islam, the Kangaroo court, and anything or one he wants to. He can include Paris Hilton (calling her a whore and tramp would get the MSM there). Then let them drag him to jail.

Then another person get up and say the same things. Let them drag another to jail. And another, and another.

They win when they can silence descent. They lose when everyone starts to cry out.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

I wonder if we should not recruit as many bloggers as possible to reprint Boissoins letter, would it help? Would taking out a Billboard ad help with the letter reprinted help?

truepeers said...


Yes, those are things we can do though inevitably that will encourage some people to miss the point that it is the law and not the letter that is at issue.

Let's see if any court will uphold this order. If they do, then I say plaster that letter on every street corner, with an explanation of why we are doing it.

Eowyn said...

Well DONE, truepeers! I'll do what I can down here in the States -- believe me, there are a lot of people with you in spirit, and I hope in person.

BCF, I'll take you up on that, and post Boissoin's letter on my blog. Excellent idea.

To all, here's a bit of good news -- Glenn Reynolds at has been following the various cases, and he gets megahits on his site. And down under, Andrew Bolt posted about it and got hundreds of supportive comments. It's not going to stay under the radar!

truepeers said...

Thanks eowyn,

At the end of the day, I'm pretty optimistic. I think there are now enough people in Canada outraged by these human rights commissions/tribunals, and so few serious supporters, that it is only a matter of time before they are changed or closed. We just aren't likely to have a government that can stand in face of the concerted opposition to an unjust law.

Eowyn said...

Yes, truepeers, I'm optimistic as well. I think the tide is turning (finally) against this "human rights" nonsense. If I were Harper, I'd risk the wrath of the nannies and run with it.

zazie said...

Such a good post, Trupeers, definitely deserves a translation for non English-speaking people ; will you allow me to try ? If you do, just tell me whether you would agree with "tribunal fantoche" for "kangaroo court" ?

truepeers said...

Well Zazie,

My French is not so good and I had to look up "fantoche"; we have a similar expression in English "puppet court".

In a puppet court, someone is pulling the strings of the "judges". Kangaroo court implies an arbitrary and emotionally reactive "justice", just bouncing around and around with no sense of the rule of law to guide.

In this case, I think we have a bit of both going on. So, how about tribunal fantourou?

zazie said...

OK, We shall coin this word "fantourou", with a footnote of course! When I have finished the translation, it may be published on a site called "" ; would you rather check it first ?

truepeers said...


Thanks very much for offering to translate. I don't know if I can help much since my French is only at basic reading comprehension level; mon francais ecrit? terrible!

Please post it wherever you like.

Anonymous said...

this has been 4 years ago despite all the anger , resentment , blogs , nothing really changes Andreachuck is still practicing the same way hurting more people stripping innocent from their rights she owns the court has the judges in her pocket every body bow to her demands and agree with her lies and scared of her , things should be done differently , if any person has been affected directly or indirectly by this women let them come forward and we can have a class action against lying ,bending the canadian law to her advantage and shedding the light on what happens in our courts and the judges that wont dare to object her opinion and rule to her favour , and give her what she wants all the time we can have a strong position by uniting our efforts rather than having individual voices we can take this to the supreme court against this medusa and get some right here or make it national what the corruoption and the disgusting law that this lawyer practice