Friday, June 06, 2008

Mark Steyn Radio Interview

Mark Steyn was interviewed on Hugh Hewitt's nationally syndicated radio show last night, fulfilling his weekly Thursday appearance on Hugh's program.

The interview adds a few new details to the absurdity of the kangaroo court inquisition underway on Howe Street:
Mark Steyn: ... I’m glad to be able to shake off the fellows from the British Columbia Sheriff’s department. It’s very bizarre to me. They said they’d had, they’d been following me around everywhere in the building I go because they say there are security concerns. And it’s not clear whether it’s the security concern is that someone will try to kill me, or whether it’s me who’s the security concern.
Mark Steyn: You know, you mentioned this windowless basement I’m in.
Hugh Hewitt: Yes.
Mark Steyn: There’s no link with the outside world except a clock, which is stuck at 8:00. and that’s government bureaucracy for you. You know, in British Columbia, it claims to be able to eradicate hate, but it can’t get someone in to restart the clock.

Podcast of the interview available for downloading here. Transcript of the interview here.


Eowyn said...

Well, on D-Day, we at least can remember those who perhaps might have taught us lessons in what you must do .

Jonathon Narvey said...

Excellent excerpts from Steyn's tribulations. Always a good read, Covenant Zone. Cheers.