Sunday, June 29, 2008

Belgian Off-Duty Police Attacked By Mob Of 30 Youths

If they see you, they attack you; little self-control on display in this story of Belgian police officers who were enjoying a day off, when all of a sudden they are pounced upon by no less than 30 young thugs.

Loosely translated from the Belgian paper La Derniere Heure: 5 police officers from Brussels were assaulted by 30 youths, in the Bruparck parking lot in Heysel, on Sunday morning.

The officers were not on duty and were coming back from an evening together. As they entered the parking lot, they were recognized by a group of youths that were hanging around and who had already had problems with the police.

The youths beat up four of the officers so severely that they will be unable to return to work for some time. One of the police officers suffered a broken elbow. The young thugs also damaged the officers' cars. ...

One of the problems making urban violence worse in Belgium are the juvenile detention centers; they are full, and often young offenders are released shortly after they are caught, due to lack of space.

Yesterday we covered a similar story out of France, where off-duty police officers were attacked by a smaller gang of feral youths. Just how common an occurance has this become?


Anonymous said...

Flying lessons, that's what they need:

Dag said...

Yes, Anon., there are outrages daily uncounted; but here we try to focus on things others have little access to. Charles, for example, puts in a great deal of time and effort to seek out and translate news and opinion that isn't easily or even at all accessible to locals, to the very people who should have the news but can't get it due to local censorship in practice if not in law.

Your comment leads to a BNP news site that provides a link to an MSM story that one can access easily enough, given the swamp of similar stories available daily. The link you provide is of a particularly egregious story of dhimmitude, and one worth knowing about, in a general sense, like hundreds of others daily. So, not to say it's unimportant but that it's not highly contributory here. You might, though, do something no one else can do:

Given your general interest and your proximity and your ability to use the Internet, you might find yourself, with some dedicated effort, in a position to provide first-hand records of actual events from you own neighbourhood. No need in England these days to rely on newspapers for outrageous events to ick up on. It's what's happening in the local areas that the newspapers don't bother reporting that's important to the world. Look around yourself and find things happening right there that you can report on, things others see but don't regard as so strange and terrible that they should make the news. You, mate, are the medium.

What outrageous thing happened to you today? What did you see? But don't spin some nonsense to try to impress; things are bad enough as it is without embellishment.

It goes for all of our readers: if you see something in our daily rounds, write about it. That's what writers do. Oft times it's the most mundane of events that will shake the foundations of our lives. Let's see what your life is about regarding jihadis and dhimmis. Leave details so other can verify it, giving yourself credibility and standing in the community. It's good for all of us.

Best regards, Dag.

Charles Henry said...

Well said, Dag.