Thursday, June 26, 2008

The politics of the rule of "human rights" "law".

At our Thursday night Covenant Zone meeting we had a discussion of the latest thought crime: 'Anti-lesbian' remarks send comedian to human rights hearing.

While some Covenanters think the public won't be receptive to the victim claims of some lesbians who apparently went to a comedy club and obnoxiously heckled a comedian who returned fire with some nasty lesbian jokes, I argued that the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal is betting they will. I said there is no way the Tribunal didn't take the Mark Steyn affair into consideration when deciding whether to take the anti-lesbian comedian case. My take is that they figure this case will not win them much more criticism (though it should) but will give them promise of winning sympathy for their ridiculous regime of speech policing. I believe there are many people, in Vancouver at least, who will take the side of the lesbians who had to find some strong arm to take care of them when their world turned ugly.

I am now more convinced that this case is an attempt to deflect the great deal of criticism the failed lawyers on the "human rights" tribunal have recently been facing. This is because the Canadian Human Rights Commission has just announced it will not hear the Mark Steyn/Maclean's case; and I find it very hard to believe that the BC Tribunal did not receive advance warning of this news. (HT Catfur)

UPDATE: Ezra Levant has more.


Eowyn said...

As I've said elsewhere, it's more important than ever to keep the heat on these people. I'm blogging AND writing physical letters to BCHRT, CHRC, lawmakers, etc.

It's up to us to stop this insanity, or at least try. Thank heavens there are high-profile people involved like Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant -- but if enough "little people" keep up the noise, the powers-that-be have to listen.

truepeers said...

Thanks Eowyn,

you're right on.