Friday, June 13, 2008

Redmonton rules

Ezra Levant has of course been writing a lot of good stuff on the "human rights" scandal that is revealing how far from a democracy Canada has drifted. Today he says something that is especially noteworthy, in reference to the Alberta government's active promotion, via a pamphlet sent to immigrants, of the victimary cult. Instead of encouraging people to negotiate and settle their differences locally, as people would in a self-ruling democracy, the Alberta government is actively encouraging people to make complaints to the government, to use the bureaucracy and kangaroo courts as the arbiter of "human rights". Ezra, on the Minister of Culture and Community Spirit:
It's grotesque that Lindsay Blackett is hijacking ESL classes to foist his "human rights" propaganda on new immigrants. It's despicable that newcomers are being taught to see themselves as victims, as complainers, as ingrates, and taught to view their new home as a hostile, racist place. But it is completely predictable that the corrupt "human rights" industry, and its government enablers, lie about their tactics, and claim to be merely neutral.

They're not neutral. They are destroyers of inter-ethnic harmony, and underminers of the rule of law. They are not protectors of human rights. They are destroyers.
Yes, it's an age old story: the natural instinct of a politician, once he has come to see himself as an imperial figure in a multicultural setting, is to play divide and conquer. Empires don't survive relatively long in history; only great nations do.

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