Monday, June 02, 2008

Just home from Human Rights Tribunal, boing boing.

I will post my thoughts on the day later tonight. In the meantime, if you haven't already seen it, Andrew Coyne live blogged the event. So did Ezra Levant.

Robert Jago put me on video and took photos of our demo;

More at Free Dominion

If anyone knows of more in the blogs, let us know. The MSM turned out to some degree so there will be coverage from them at some point.

Pelalusa has a few posts up.

Kathy Shaidle had reporters on the scene, aghast at the CBC

Downtown Eastside Enquirer gets to the point.


Vancouver visitor said...

You were reasonably coherent in the interview. A small turnout, by all accounts.

truepeers said...

yeah a small turnout, but you know the other side had an even smaller turnout. Most of the people in the courtroom were on Maclean's side.

I guess you saw that comment about my crazed incoherence!! And from a Web Elf!!

Findalis said...

Love your posters. A perfect slogan.

You know that as this trial goes on, the opposition will get more and more people out there.

We are with you in spirit, I wish we could stand with you in person.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Good work man!

Dag said...

I'm just in now at this late hour. I will have my own version to hand on to Findalis as soon as I type it up, and more for Covenant Zone and No Dhimmitude. I see that this will have to wait till tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, there are many competent and friendly bloggers covering this scene in depth so much better than anything available in the MSM that I'm laughing as I think about it.

Will be back tomorrow morning. Oh, later this morning.