Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dear Canadian Jewish Congress, Time for a major rethink of your fallen idol

Blazing Catfur continues to take the lead in blazing the path of Canadian freedom. Today s/he takes aim at the Canadian Jewish Congress which, to those of us who have seen some of the correspondence between the CJC and the Canadian Human Rights Commission, looks to have been very much central to the thinking and operations of the CHRC. It as if the CJC has become institutionalized as a victimary lobby in the heart of the state's "human rights" agency. And now, even after revelations strongly suggesting corruption in the CHRC, the CJC contines to defend Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, that piece of law that is so enabling of the regulation of political speech that one wonders how anyone can think that such a law will not inevitably corrupt those who try to wield it. To my mind, it is all a bit of idolatry and death cultism (i.e. the need to claim, even promote, the victim position) that very dubiously goes by the names "Jewish" and "Canadian".

Blazing Catfur:
...The larger impact of the CJC's efforts has been to seriously jeapordize the Charter right of all Canadians to Freedom of Speech, the lesser impact has been to corrupt the Canadian Human Rights Commission with a culture that condones the notion that "the ends justify the means". That the CJC, a once venerable agency, that has done so much good for its members and for Canada has become enmeshed in this burgeoning scandal marks a sad day in our history.

The CJC is unwilling to admit to the facile abuse inherent to Section 13(1), perversley they also refuse to acknowledge the extent of the genuine fear that good people, in fact the majority of their fellow citizens, have of this sinister law and the lessons history has or should have taught us all: Tyranny and Holocausts are borne of states that deny the right of Free Speech.

Section 13 (1) has been and will continue to be abused, it is bad law that no amount of "fine tuning" will ever make right. The CJC's virtual "privatization" of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, along with the latest threat posed by the Islamist Lawfare Jihad has served as a wake up call to the dangerous ease with which this law and in fact the entire human rights machine can be turned against the very citizens it was designed to protect.

Sadly what the Canadian Jewish Congress will eventually & reluctantly admit to, later rather than sooner I suspect, is that this episode, their blind support of a bad law, has stained their reputation to a degree that will not be quickly forgotten or easily forgiven by their fellow Canadians.

The CJC must be told in no uncertain terms that Free Speech is the right of all Canadians and it is paramount that this right be defended for all citizens. None of us are free if the rights of the least desirable among us are abused.
See also Jay Currie's response to Mark Freiman's defense of the CJC position in today's National Post.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

I hate to say it, but I am growing more and more angry at the CJC and their apologists who gloss over the damage Section 13 and the CHRC have done. It's really time to take the gloves off, they need to be held accountable.

reliable sources said...

Reading this makes me lose respect for the CJC. You'd think they of all people would have learned something from history.

truepeers said...

Well, rs, the Holocaust was almost impossible for Jews at first to digest. Traditionally, religious Jews have seen their suffering or success as a sign of God's (dis)pleasure with his chosen people. Hitler intended the Holocaust to attack this world view in more than one way. Even those Jews who survived could no longer believe in learning (about God and his covenant) from history in quite the same way again. How could there be a God who would allow this to happen to his people? Meanwhile secular Jews had often put their faith in "progressive" visions of history, which were also compromised by the reversion of sophisticated Germany to savagery, and the deadly failure of socialism elsewhere.

And I suppose people who can no longer find a ready way of understanding their experience in history are prone to fall for simplistic ideologies: Hitler was lawless; therefore, to avoid another Hitler, we must have more laws to constrain and hinder the would-be Hitlers. It takes a subtle mind to see that when you are obsessed with an evil man or a rival you risk becoming more and more like him the more your mind is responding to him.