Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Israel's ambassador to Canada succintly trumps the bigoted misrepresentations of Mohammed Elmasry

I am quite impressed by the moral and intellectual clarity displayed by
Alan Baker, Israel's ambassador to Canada in his reply to the attempt of Mohammed Elmasry of the Canadian Islamic Congress to delegitimize the existence of the state of Israel. Baker's opinion piece in the National Post is an excellent primer for anyone interested in the arguments by which one may rightly defend Israel's existence as a model for other would-be nations in the Middle East and elsewhere, and by which one may criticize the self-destructive resentments of Arab and Islamic politicians who, instead of promoting responsible models of nationhood, enchain their populations in tyrannical states, deflect the attendant resentments onto Israel, and further kill their people by encouraging Utopian dreams of some world-straddling movement of Muslims.

How many ambassadors do you think Canada has who could mount such a succinct and powerful defense of our nationhood?

Don't miss also Maclean's response to Elmasry's latest provocation.

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