Thursday, May 01, 2008

Notes on the Missing

In his latest analysis of Canadian Human Rights Tribunal transcripts,
John Pacheco essentially asks, is someone in Canada's "human rights" officialdom disappearing a certain embarrassing document in an attempt to hide the ethically outrageous practices of the "human rights" investigators?

Meanwhile, Barbara Kay continues her analysis of the reality hole in the Quebecois media, as she notes the complete silence surrounding the recent visit to Montreal of the noted Arab-French wrtier, Morad El Hattab:
El Hattab has won distinguished literary prizes, a prize "for peace and tolerance" and preaches peace and cooperation with Israel.

El Hattab has said, "I think that the criminalization of the State of Israel is the cancer of the 21st century." He has traveled extensively in Israel and the West Bank, knows members of the Palestinian Authority, and maintains friendships with both Jews and Arabs in the area. He has read widely in Jewish literature and history, enthusing that "I am richer for it." He thinks the Jewish state has accomplished miracles and "I want my Muslim brothers to understand this."

Wouldn't you think that a Muslim intellectual of such open-mindedness, prestige, learning and deep understanding of both the Muslim and Jewish worlds would be of interest to the media? He spoke today at the Université de Montréal but not a single media outlet in Quebec wanted to meet with him or interview him. Indeed El Hattab characterized the media's snubbing as a "boycott." A few weeks ago I wrote a column about the silence of the francophone media on the Islamists in their midst. When will the media in Quebec get a grip on the single most important issue of our time?


Vancouver visitor said...

My understanding is that Quebec competes with English Canada by importing immigrants from the Franco-sphere, mainly Haiti and former French colonies in Africa, which are all dysfunctional countries. This brought in all the Jihadist dregs from the Maghreb, who swim in the sea of anonymity afforded by the large number of North Africans in Quebec. Because of the language barrier, there isn't a lot of cross-reporting of Jihadist activities between French and English Canada. I would be interested in getting a better picture of the situation in Quebec.

As for El Hattab, did the media in Quebec snub him out of ignorance or out of latent dislike of Jews?

truepeers said...


You're partly right about Quebec's immigrants but they get a lot from beyond the francosphere as well. For example, I have known Chinese women who have had trouble getting established in the white collar work they desire in Vancouver who then leave for Montreal because there the provincial government pays immigrants to go to school and learn French.

We have had occasional posts on Quebec, mostly by my colleague Charles. If you google "covenant zone" and quebec you would find some.

As for the snub, I imagine it is basically a case of not knowing how to deal with a guy who doesn't fit into the established narrative you use to explain the world. So you ignore him or never have him pointed out by your network of associates. Hence the title of this post.