Friday, May 30, 2008

Public humiliation

Don't miss the latest song from The London Fog; and hear the Canadian "human rights" commission voice dubbed at the end of the song, seconding another voice's call for public humiliation of a political enemy.
The London Fog: Human Rights Rock! The Unprotected Group: If I Had A Royal Commission

How the righteous fall... How is it that some people in government, and in allied Canadian Jewish and "human rights" organizations, can never learn the real lesson of the Holocaust, which is not to promote the celebrity of Judeophobic nutters by throwing cream pies at them on film, or bringing the power of the state to humiliate, punish and thus memorialize bad boys in public show trials, but rather to make all speech so free and so common that almost everything is instantly forgettable by almost everyone except those rare words which speak to free millions, that capture or exemplify the unprecedented events and public turning points that history, cultural evolution, and freedom must occasionally allow, those rare clarifying events that are represented in such a way as to become iconic in the cause of (if not against) the freedom that, when valued, makes most of what we say and write mercifully fleeting, only of use to the true cause of quietly sustaining our common sense.

Let's roll!

Against the Human Rights Commissions/Tribunals of Canada!

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