Friday, May 30, 2008

Skill-testing question

UPDATE: No sooner had I written this post that news comes that the Attorney General and Minister of Justice is backing the proposal of a Parliamentary inquiry into the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Which voice would more likely be prosecuted as hate speech by the Canadian, or your provincial, Human Rights Tribunal:

1) The Jew hatred featured here: Blazing Cat Fur: Wow & this came from the "Kids Channel" on Shia TV - "sadder still is that there is a large Canuck contribution on the Shia TV site."


2) Leading Islam-critical Christian clerics: e.g., the Catholic; or the Anglican (hat tips to CGW) who are saying things rather more direct than what Mark Steyn is now in trouble for with the Canadian and BC "Human Rights" tribunals.

In a roundabout way, you may find the answer to this mindbender here: the Canadian government, via the pen of Justice lawyer, Simon Fothergill (see our discussion of their previous work here), seemingly sides against whoever is most likely to appear the Nazi, according to our left-liberal stereotpyes, even if this means going against the wish of the BC Civil Liberties Association to speak before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in defense of our ancient and still necessary freedoms to publish without second-guessing ourselves from fear of the government and its many bureaucrats judging and penalizing us, and maybe surreptitiously writing hate speech on our web sites in order better to prosecute us.

My point being: it's time for the mainstream's fear of supporting "Nazis" to overcome its present morass in White Guilt, and WG's inevitable slippage into anti-Zionism/semitism/Americanism, and move on to a more realistic apprehension of the threats to human rights in this world.

Marc Lemire may have bad ideas, but he's clearly not among the more significant threats to freedom in this world. Yet G-d knows how many tax dollars and civil servant hours have gone into an atrocious witch-hunting prosecution of his (and the government's own planted) "hate speech". You don't have to like Lemire's beliefs to recognize that he has become the equivalent of some slave fed to lions in a sacrificial theatre of some decadent and increasingly barbaric empire. It seems the imperial mandarins of Ottawa (not to mention Edmonton) need their scapegoats to justify their many regulations and jobs. It is a disgrace to those who would call their country a nation.

Now I know they are not going literally to kill Lemire; but our government, by its silence and by the actions of the Dept. of Justice, are defending a "human rights" world view that, on the world stage, in its appeasing responses to terrorism and in all kinds of moral blackmail against countries like America and Israel - all the while giving a much easier ride to some of the most brutal regimes and actors in the world - does indeed result in (it positively requires) people getting killed. Our government has become a kind of B-league team in a worldwide death cult premised on the need to allow sacrificial theatre in order to defer widespread "third world" anger against the (still) Western leaders of the global economy.

Mr. Harper needs to get out on the right side of this travesty of justice, or he's going to lose votes.

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