Friday, May 09, 2008

"The human rights circus is coming to town"

Criminologist John Martin has some thoughts in today's Province on the shame that is about to befall our fair province by allowing for a Stalinist show trial to take place in deference to the pagan gods and necessary sacrifices of multiculturalism.
...A complaint [against the writing of Mark Steyn in Maclean's magazine] was also laid with the Canadian Human Rights Commission, one that has yet to be ruled on.

It has recently been documented that employees of this publicly funded agency routinely logged onto anti-immigrant and racist websites and posted vulgar, hate-filled messages to stir things up. And they did so by stealing access to an unsuspecting citizen's wireless Internet connection.

According to the commission, no rules were broken because there are no rules.


In less than a month, the same complaint will be held in Vancouver as taxpayers fund the complainants' legal team in an attempt to trample freedom of the press and decide what we're allowed to read.

The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal is a kangaroo court that requires no demonstrable burden of proof to arrive at a conviction.

It's disturbing -- and somewhat ironic -- that so few are speaking up and raising concerns about the human- rights racket in this country.

Commentators were livid during Brenda Martin's Mexican legal ordeal, questioning the spending of tourism dollars in a country with a legal system so flawed that a person is guilty until proven innocent.

In all honesty, I'd like my chances in a Mexican courtroom over a Canadian human-rights interrogation any day.

In Mexico, the accused has some rights and is occasionally acquitted.
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