Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursdays at VPL: it's an "American" thing

We calls 'em Death Hippies 'cause they kill folks.

Look at the antics of those who parade in support of jihadis, and see in that the giving of permission to killers to continue. Yes, there's a qualitative difference between a Hizb'allah supporter and a real, genuine jihadi who shoots people or bombs them or otherwise attacks with violence. Me, I'm not so fussy when it comes to making these distinctions. I see the left dhimmi fascist as a Death Hippie if he supports killers. I'm plain. I'm probably stupid. I think that if I cheer the team, I have some responsibility for what the team does. If they score, they do it because I paid for a ticket to give them a shot at it. Jihadis feel the same way about me; that if I vote for Bush, then I should suffer for his actions. OK, I can live with it. Or not, as the case might be. But the same is true of the opposing team. Support jihadis, be a Death Hippie.

Today in Canada the Canadian Human Rights Commission is out in full force beating up on intellectuals of all sorts, other than their sort, in kangaroo courts. Steyn, Levant, Shaidle, et all. So we go out each week to the local library to lend our support to our side, to the side that doesn't side with the Death Hippies. We'll be at the library again this evening, like every Thursday evening, to sit and by sitting to protest against the jihad and the dhimmitude that supports it. We'll have coffee and maybe a cookie, and we'll say things that could well get us hauled up before the courts here. We'll say, for example, that we support freedom of speech.

I know, I know, it's a dangerous thing, this concept of free speech, and it's an American concept. But we support it anyway. If you do too, even if it's an American thing, why not join us for some coffee at Vancouver public library in the atrium from 7-9:00 p.m.? We talk about books, about the state of our states, and we plan further action against the dismal state of freedom in this nation, Canada, now under assault by Death Hippies across the land. This evening we'll discuss Mark Styne, et all, but we'll also discuss the up-coming case of the Death Hippies versus Rachel Davis and Bill Simpson, a local outrage against the citizenry. We hope to have some effect. Come sit with us and have an effect on your future as well. Have some coffee. Maybe a cookie.


zazie said...

You know I can't "come sit with you" ; yet, I have kept my word and worn my blue scarf every thursday ; believe it or not, it took over six months before anybody noticed the recurrence of the fact and was curious enough to ask why!!
If anything comes out of these explanations, I'll let you know : I am not over-optimistic because I was treated rather as Tiberge once described : they patted my shoulder and almost told me to go back home and be a nice girl ; they admitted they would not like to be "spotted", so I think they were tempted to do something on my line ; yet, they had rather not be seen too often with "la vieille dame indigne" I seem to be in their eyes!

truepeers said...

Now Zazie, that's the true spirit of the covenanter. It will make our scarves that much more welcome on Thursdays! They may think you "la vielle dame", but clearly you demonstrate the refusal fully to grow up, i.e. to narrow the course of your life in one direction or another and kill off the rest. This is the sign of the youth who will not stop thinking about belonging to something whole; wisdom is knowing the limits of maturity!