Saturday, May 03, 2008

Minister of multiculturalism in a den of racist "anti-racists"

What does a Conservative minister of multiculturalism, Jason Kenney, say to bunch of racist "anti racist" government sinecure holders? In my view, he did not completely embarrass himself, but he might have told them to start looking for new jobs: Minister warns of 'illiberal' attacks on free speech

Yet perhaps the tide on the "human rights" front is turning when a government minister at least publicly questions the rightness of the "human rights" commissions policing our freedom of expression. Unfortunately he could have been more committed on the point as well as telling the "anti-Zionists" in the "anti-racist" crowd to get new careers. See also Ezra's comments on this "anti-racist" organization and the Saudi-trained professor in their lead.

In other developments on the bright side, we note that CTV news' chief Ottawa reporter, Michael Duffy, is now openly asking Mark Steyn angry questions about the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Richard Warman: here. See also Ezra's comments on Duffy and Steyn.

In other "human rights" developments, don't miss the new columns from Michael Coren and David Warren who mirrors by call to nominate Ezra Levant to the Order of Canada. And as for encouraging politicians like Jason Kenney?
perhaps the most effective way to support our own beleaguered journalists is for people who have given money to the Conservative party in the past, to make all future donations to the legal defence funds instead, until Prime Minister Harper and company get the message. Don't forget to send the Conservative party a note explaining what you have done, and why.

The basic strategy of the enemies of freedom in Canada has been to tie freedom's defenders up in courts -- kangaroo courts by preference. They may or may not have erred, tactically, in creating the headline cases I have mentioned above, which have helped rally many against them who are not among the usual friends of Messieurs Steyn and Levant. It is a high-risk enterprise for the HRCs, but the rewards if they succeed are substantial: for they will have eliminated the very possibility of dissent against the various fanatic leftist, feminist, gay activist, and Islamist agendas with which they openly ally themselves.

This is a battle that absolutely must be won, if Canada is to remain a free country. But it is only one battle in the long war that will be necessary to roll back the front line against the ideologues. Getting rid of Section 13 is a crucial short-term objective. But we must follow it up by finding ways to demolish the whole apparatus of the "human rights" industry, which has been infecting the Canadian legal system for decades.

It will be a task not of an hour, but of several generations, to reclaim our country.
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