Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cafe Libre

How's this for an idea?

Red, white, and blue coffeehouse

Ed Lasky
In a welcome reversal of history, where coffee houses were associated with Beatnicks and then with Millenials, there is now a coffee shop opens for us conservatives.

There is now a cafe that serves up coffee with a "conservative flavor" in Crown Point, Indiana, suburb of Chicago. A picture of Ronald Reagan hangs on the wall.

A former art teacher came up with the idea after souring on Starbucks:

More at:

We meet this evening, as usual, at VPL in the atrium from 7-9:p.m. for coffee and talk and some space in which to be free and responsible citizens and residents of this city. We'll be outside Blenz coffee bar in the atrium. Look for the blue scarves ( in support of our conservative friends in France at the Revolucion Bleue)
or Israeli flags on baseball caps in support of our friends under seige in Israel, or look for the tee-shirts in support of free speech in Canada: Hooray Mark Styne and Ezra Levant! Feel comfortable with that? Then feel free to join us for some company and coffee. Coffee's on me.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

I'll have a Cup of "Jungle Deforestation Espresso" please;) Oh and give me a piece of that "Rape of the Indigenous Peoples Sacred Grounds" cake as well.

Dag said...

I'm buying that, so make it doubles all round!