Friday, July 04, 2008

Hanging Out At The Library

We were treated to quite a show last night at the Vancouver Public Library. When I arrived for our weekly meeting, I got to see what I presume are two acrobats rehearsing for the Cirque Du Soleil spectacle currently taking place in Vancouver.
These two graceful young ladies practiced their gymnastics off the side of the building, several stories above the ground, with the kind of nonchalance that I usually summon when I'm stepping up onto the sidewalk.
What nerves of steel! (and with amazonian muscles to match, as we saw when they eventually descended and called it a night.)


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures.

Only in Vancouver, eh?

Charles Henry said...

I don't know, I wonder if they do this in every city they visit, so long as there are buildings that can accomodate climbers like the library can.

(I'm still presuming they're from the Cirque du Soleil...)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it has anything to with the Olympics coming up?

truepeers said...

Are you sure they weren't the window washers?

Findalis said...

Nice pictures. But was it legal? In NYC they would have been arrested for doing that.