Thursday, July 24, 2008

Covenant Zone, Geeks or Greeks?

From time to time, a notice for our weekly Thursday meetings has appeared at other blogs and websites. It's great to have friends who want to give our "blue scarf" meetings a little publicity. Lately, Findalis at Monkey in the Middle has had a notice on her side bar.

Many thanks Findalis.

If the three of us here at CZ weren't so phobic about matters computer programming, we'd have a side bar full of neat stuff too. But at heart, I guess we're more just interested in just talking and writing about freedom. Heck, this week Sean has had to remind us that we're a bunch of "semantic" toffs more interested in playing homoerotic games like private school boys than with talking the serious stuff, whatever Sean thinks that is.

Well, there's only one way to know for sure what the ever open meanings of Covenant Zone are about. Are you interested in renewing the possibilities and freedoms of our shared culture, of fighting for your stakes in a free society? Then join us one Thursday, or start your own "covenant zone" wherever you are, figuring out how you can do something to guarantee the openness of the systems on which our shared freedom depends.

We meet at the chairs and tables outside Blenz Coffee in the atrium of the central branch of the Vancouver Public Library, 7-9pm, Thursdays.
Photo by Lightgazer, via mirage bookmark


Findalis said...

You're very welcome. And remember guys if you want me to, I'll cross post any article you write.

Hopefully one day I'll actually attend a meeting, but remember that I like many others will be there in spirit if not actually in person.

Eowyn said...

I second findalis.

As for geeks bearing gifts ... ;) You three bear more gifts than anyone I've ever known, albeit in cyberspace.

And, as far as computer phobia goes, I'm a member of that club too, alas. There ARE ways some of us could "attend" -- web cams, online phone calls, etc. -- but that stuff is beyond me. We'll just have to enjoy the fruits of your discussions vicariously (and we do!)

Charles Henry said...

thank you both for the words of encouragement, they are appreciated.

We had a fun experience yesterday, where a rather well-spoken passerby was intrigued by our conversation, and sat and joined us for the latter half of the meeting. He had a lot of insights and personal experiences to share on islam as practiced by muslims in Canada, and gave me much to think about.

(If you're reading this, I hope you do come again next Thursday..! Same place, same time, and for us (and hopefully, you), the same pleasure. )

I arrived at the meeting feeling quite depressed (it's a long story), yet even though the subjects discussed stayed pretty grim, I felt much better by the end, when the group broke up for the week. There's just no substitute for the medicinal value of stimulating one-on-one contact with other human beings, as it brings the realization that burdens can be divided, while successes can be multiplied.