Thursday, July 03, 2008

Surely of the month, at least, and last year too!

This is what you get from re-living the Vietnam event over and over, in the endless ritual of "progressivism":
The Daily Bayonet: Clueless Idiot of the Week


Eowyn said...

As I told Blazing Cat Fur, we don't want him back!

And speaking of idiocy, check this out --

Blazing Cat Fur said...

You know I have yet to see a single lefty blog make mention of this;)

Anonymous said...

I started a thread on this on a ( rather left-leaning ) forum.

Make of the discussion what you will.

truepeers said...


I'm not going to try to jump in with a legal opinion.

But as a tactical matter: maybe it's best we leave them to keep fighting Vietnam, keep them occupied defending Cory, leaving them to believe he will be in trouble if he goes back. Let them have their mini-dramas, keep them occupied, while the world moves on and those who can and those who will focus on the real struggles of the day.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, that would be what is best, Truepeers.

Let's let them have this little occupation.