Thursday, July 10, 2008

You can say all you like about Ferengis at covenant zone meetings

Funny, why did they close comments on this interesting defense of the positive need for hate speech. It couldn't possibly be because some Ferengis were enraged, could it?
Karen Selick looks on the bright side of hate speech - Full Comment

Covenant Zone bloggers and friends meet every Thursday to discuss all things in the spirit of free and governmentally unfettered expression: 7-9pm in the atrium of the Vancouver Public Library, central branch, in front of Blenz Coffee. We might have a blue scarf on hand, even in summer....


Dag said...

"Feregi" is a corruption of the English word, "foreigner." It's common in the Middle East and Parts of south Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, for example.

So, do we have a "code word" in use here? I this a sneaky way of creating xenophobic commentary at this fine blog? Are we soon to face the Thought Police gently tapping at the door to politely invite us to a hearing into our hateful beliefs?

Good grief, what have you done? I'm living in terror already. I'll be nervous wreck at our meeting. But yes I'll still be there. Fainting, weeping, gasping. Oh. Oh.

truepeers said...

Heh, no need to worry, Dag. They don't tap gently at your door; that would be to cause a grievance among the postal workers.

No, they send you a letter demanding you explain yourself for your hateful expression, and do it before the deadline which was two days before you received the letter.

Findalis said...

I thought that Feregi was a race on Star Trek.

I'll be there in spirit, my prayers go with you.