Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dedicated Follower of Phashun

Those who know me personally are forever saying, "Dag, you are such a hep-cat!" And don't I know it. I mean, I spend a lot of my time figuring out just how to affect the right image for my presentation to the world, dressing just so, making sure my every accessory is the right piece to give the right impression to the admiring masses. It's a "thing" with me. So you'll see below why I am so encouraged that all the babes who flock to me are now starting to pay attention too to their image, to making sure that when they follow some discrete distance behind me they look "just so" too. And that is? Well, the latest is the Burn Victim look. Yup, all covered up in the latest and the finest. These babes want to be seen with me, they gotta look right. Cause I'm a hep cat.

Babes? Are you ready for this?

Headscarves, the new trend

Headscarves are becoming the new hot trend in Western fashion, with famed designer labels and industry biggest names explaining the appeal of the headwear as a comeback of elegance and chastity to the runways.

"We wanted to revamp the headscarf," Domenico Dolce, co-founder of the Italian fashion house Dolce and Gabana, told The Telegraph on Wednesday, July 16.

"[We want to] give it a new life and introduce it to a younger generation."

The famous Luxury fashion house D&G and other big names in the industry, like Paul Smith, Vera Wang and Jean Paul Gaultier, are now leading the new fad with their designs.

On the catwalks for autumn/winter, many of the industry's noted brands offered the headscarf.

"Our aim was to give it a modern and cool twist," says Dolce.

The trend is also appealing to the customers.

Hermès, the French high fashion house renowned for its range of designs of silk headscarves, has seen a rise in the sales recently.

Vivienne Alexander says the company has been selling out to "a much younger crowd than usual."

And with the rocketing demand, designers are coming out with a wider variety of the head covering in their collections.

"I do think we will be seeing a fair amount of headscarves around over the next few months," says Gaia Geddes, executive fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar.

Industry experts agree the new headscarves trend is about bringing a touch of modesty and chic to the runways.

According to Dennis Nothdruft, curator of London's Fashion and Textile Museum, the headscarf resurgence is about a new sense of "chastity" in fashion.

He affirms that the trend is not all new after all.

"Women wore headscarves in medieval times to maintain their modesty," he explains.

Others believe the headscarf is lending a sense of elegance to woman's appearance.

They contend that customers want to imitate the caliber of famous women who have emphasized the headscarf's glamorous and sophisticated look, like the American movie star Grace Kelly.

Alexander, of Hermès fashion house, says that a sizable proportion of their customers are Muslims, who wear their products as hijab, Islam's obligatory code of dress for women.

But she affirms that the large bulk of the clients are non-Muslims who are seeking a modest, elegant look.

"This is more about a return to that elegant Grace Kelly era than anything else."

Thanks to Esther at:

from: Source: Islam Online (English)

Yup, I'm thinking Grace Kelly.

Be sure to see the latest in up-and-coming. Stylin'.

Ladies, I'm only marrying the first four of you who turn me on at the moment; but take it easy because when I get tired of them I'll turf them for four new ones, and you might be one of those lucky gals if you don't make it first time out. It's 'cause I'm a hep cat.


truepeers said...

The smart girls in history class always liked to laugh about how in economic hard times, hem lines went up.

Wonder how they'll figure this one...

Dag said...

Moral and intellectual bankruptcy: hemlines hit bottom.

sean Orr said...

So, you guys are against a piece of clothing now? Do the mennonites get to keep theirs?

Dag said...

Sean, Sean, Sean. I shake my head, I sigh; but Sean, I never say a word. Yes, I roll my eyes, and yes, I have slapped my forehead, stomped my foot, spat on the ground, and howled at the moon; but I have never spoken about anything you write. Sean, it's because I'm a nice person. You see? I take you seriously and say nice things about you. Sean, you're such a darling. And I think I love you, Sean because of your brilliance, because of how you can take a very ordinary thing and turn it into something unrecognizable, merely by twisting your pretty lips and flicking your bespangled wrists. You're special, Sean.

But you just ain't a hep cat.

truepeers said...

I'm no more against a piece of clothing than I'm against the name Sean. One should not worship symbols as symbols. It's the realities that our signs merely point to that need concern us.

Having said that, the reality at stake here is not at all clear. Hence the suggestive banter... with each fly it catches the picture comes a little clearer.

Dag said...

Not just the hat. Later that same evening:

[Sound effects of scary movie music as two lonely people nervously cross the street in the night, the electric red flash of firetruck sirens glancing across their frightened faces, bitter smoke swirling thickly from a fire started by an estranged homeless woman who set fire to her ex-boyfriend's home/pile of stuff in a deserted lot:]

American Woman, Medium Shot, over shoulder, speaks to Dag, dressed in totally cool silk Hawaiian shirt:

"Excuse me, are you from the Doctor Laura cruise ship?"

It happens when you're a hep cat.

truepeers said...

I don't believe ya; you're making this stuff up! Dr. Phil, maybe...

Dag said...

Uh... maybe it was Dr. Phil getting in touch with his feminine side....

reliable sources said...

For the record: Dr. Laura's cruise is leaving Vancouver to San Diego in September but I believe last week was the end of ticket sales. You won't be on that ship when it sails, dag, which means you won't be exercising with Dr. Laura's trainer or stretching with her personal yoga teacher. So you're not such a hep cat after all.

Dag said...

Ha! As soon as Doctor Laura finds out I blog at Covenant Zone she'll be throwing tickets at me. She might even throw Dr. Phil at me, is what.

Sheesh, and all this time I thought you were reliable!

Charles Henry said...

Hats off to dag for sharing the Dr Laura story this week, rather than leave us panting for more until the next Thursday night meeting. Usually Dag has a vested interest in skirting the issue of how to cap off an evening's entertainment, but after a few belts of that stuff dressed up as bottled water it's a shoe-in that he wouldn't be able to button his lip... he'd have to buckle down and coat the tale with details despite the risk of being defrocked of his credibility. The emperor has no clothes, say the readers, so to avoid further spats he steps in again to iron out any wrinkles in his yarn.

At least that's what I can fashion of it all as I tie the loose ends together.

Dag said...

The girl promoting the hijabs at Esther's blog linked above has left a comment claiming I'm too hard on the whole idea of hijabs. Well, if I really wanted to cause her intense pain I might have left some puns like those above. Youch!

But really, what on Earth could be more painful than being Sean? I wouldn't even wish that on Sean.

"Do the mennonites get to keep theirs?"

What? Does he think we're advocating nekked Mennonities?

Life is so unfair....

Sean Orr said...


Awesome display of sophomoric rhetoric in the face of overwhelming contradiction. You mock the simplicity and obtuseness of the question, indeed it was almost facetious, but you still can't answer it. Your obsequious posturing only illuminates your reliance on semantics.

Dag said...

Hoist by my own petard; or perhaps by Sean's peh-ter. O bombast of bomb-blast, shall we, he being me, ever learn?

Done. Dare I say? Done to dirty death. Done in. To mock the simplicity and obtuseness of vulgar wit and dim-light-shine that shone, Sean! Dost thou dare debate the obsequious posturing that only illuminates mine own reliance on semantics, dastard? Forsooth on you.

truepeers said...

What does it mean "to rely on semantics"? Are you calling Dag human? Ohh!

Does such mirthful question mark one out for some semtex? If not, then semantics friend, semantics.

Of course, the real question is *how* we come to understand the generation of meaning through signs...

Dag said...

Oh no. Let's just hope the clueless lad still thinks Semtex is an evil multi-national corporation, for otherwise he might latch onto your idea as his own and generate me some logo logy of misanthropeness, he penned with a rhetorical flourish of anti-semantic strumpets in attendance.

truepeers said...

That's how you like your strumpets?

I guess that makes you just another john, so maybe some worries then unless this sean is particular about his anti-semanticism...

Dag said...

Tea and strumpets for breakfast and I'm smiling all the day long. Easy to please.

Sean Orr said...

Listen to yourselves. You come across like a little private school penis party. Do you guys where frocks and dance around in tights jabbing each other with your epees?

Dag said...

Epees? Foils, lad, foils.

En Garde, knave! Prepare to be defrocked.

truepeers said...

I don't know Sean, you may be right, someone is bringing our blog reading level down to highschool.

truepeers said...

Heh, and Beyond Robson, is also high school level. P PARTY!!!