Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ezra reports on the frankness of a Muslim (Pakistani) diplomat about the desire of Islamic states to impose Sharia law on the West in the name of "anti-defamation", i.e. blasphemy, laws.

The short articles and the comments so far (fourteen) are all excellent:
"Defamation of Islam" is a code word for blasphemy - Ezra Levant:
She wants Western countries to ban critical comments about Islam -- and she mentioned the Danish cartoons of Mohammed in particular. It was well pointed out by others on the panel that Western defamation law deals with the vindication of improperly besmirched reputations using the truth, as determined by courts of law -- but when it comes to clashing religions, the truth of any faith is in the heart of the beholder. The only legal system that would hold the Koran to be "the truth", and subordinate every other faith beneath the Koranic truth, would be a sharia legal system, such as that in Saudi Arabia. In other words, she wants to replace our secular legal systems with a Muslim legal system. I appreciated the honesty.
If Muslim diplomats the world over were to lobby for international and Western laws against blasphemy, that would likely trigger a reaction -- not just from those who believe in Christianity, Judaism, etc., but from atheists, too, who might not go quietly into a merger of mosque and state. But calling blasphemy by the word "defamation" (and making up a special new word to mislead the proposed law's targets), makes sure that fewer alarm bells in the West will ring. It transforms an attempt to Islamicize our entire legal system into merely another lawsuit amongst countless others. That's the diplomatic sleight-of-hand that Fatima was peddling.

I want to do more research on this subject, and I'll surely write about it again. Those who have been following the story of the Canadian Islamic Congress vs. Maclean's magazine will surely recall that one of the front-men for that Islamic SLAPP suit, Khurrum Awan, has used almost identical language in his threats against Canadian media.

It is not a coincidence.

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